Monday, December 22, 2008

Simple Survival Tools - Bow Saws

One of the most useful and versatile cutting tools around is the bow saw. It can be used on the trail, while camping, at home, or during a disaster to clear brush and tree limbs. They require minimal care and come in different sizes to meet your needs.

Bow saws are useful for clearing small brush and limbing trees. Modern bow saws come in many sizes and consist of a tubular steel frame designed to accept replaceable blades. Blades detach by loosening a wing nut or releasing a throw clamp. The clamp-type saw does not require nuts and bolts that are easily lost. So be careful, unless spare nuts or bolts are carried along, the saw becomes useless.

Blade lengths can vary from 16 inches to 36 inches. Saws weigh from 1 to 4 pounds. Let the saw do the work. Apply a little downward force with each stroke. Forcing the blade into the cut may bind or break the blade. Use as much of the length of the blade as possible; the saw will cut smoother and stay sharp longer. Bow saws can be very effective when used to clear trails.

Since worn blades are generally replaced rather than sharpened, maintenance consists of blade replacement, periodic checks to see that bolts are tight, and an occasional light oiling.

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Anonymous said...

Makes less noise than an axe and takes less effort, especially if your blade is pointed correctly. I've been meaning to learn how to properly sharpen a saw blade - I had better get on that!

I have a couple of bow saws in various sizes, as well as a few bucksaws and limb saws. I figure wood cutting will be a necessary chore - might as well have the tools required to do it efficiently. Money well spent imo.

Here's a link to an interesting post on saws. OldJimbo website - good reading material there!

Thanks Riverwalker.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

I've got a couple of 21 inch clamp type that work great. They're just really handy. Thanks.


Staying Alive said...

I have a couple of brand new and unused bow saws. I got to thinking about all the fuel we have growing here and it dawns on me that I had no way of cutting it up for proper use. I immediately got me a couple of bow saws.

The replacement blades are nearly the price of a new saw so I don't bother with them I just buy another saw! Walmart does not stock replacement blades as far as I know.

I have no qualms about getting a couple more of these little dandys. They sure will come in handy. They will cut boards and beams too!


riverwalker said...

To: Michael

And I thought I was the only one who cut boards with them. Thanks.

I too have found that you can just buy a new cheaper than a replacement blade. The ones from Wally World seem to cut really good.


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