Monday, December 22, 2008

Simple Survival Tips - Wilderness Water

Water is the most necessary item for your survival. While you may be able to go several days without food. You will not last long without water. Here is a tip for an excellent source of water in the wilderness.

The common grapevine is one of the most overlooked plants of all in most of the popular survival literature that you may come across. Large wild grapevines are an excellent source of juice that is an excellent substitute for water. Cut a length of grapevine and drain the water into a container or directly into your mouth. During certain times of the year they may even have clusters of wild grapes that could provide you with a source of life-saving liquid.

Wild grapevines and wild grapes have a couple of major disadvantages.

1.) Wild grapes seldom grow in arid areas.

2.) Wild grapes do not flow very readily in the winter.

Knowing some of the things to look for will help you in a situation where water may be a necessary concern. Knowing where to find it will help. So if you’re ever stranded in the woods, don’t forget to look for some wild grapevines. It may keep you from going thirsty or risking the dangerous effects of dehydration.

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Staying above the water line!


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