Friday, December 12, 2008

Riverwalker's Knife - Landers Frary & Clark U.S. 1918

One of the knives in my collection is an LF&C (Lander, Frary & Clark) U.S. 1918 combat knife. It has the original leather scabbard from when I received it from my grandfather. It has an 8 inch blade with a 6 inch handle. On one side of the blade it has U.S. with a makers mark and No.12 stamped on it. The other side of the blade has L F & C with a makers mark and 1918 stamped on it.

I've never seen any other knifes like it and was wondering if anyone was familiar with this type. It has a hole in the end of the handle that may have been for a "skull crusher" nut that may have been used to hold a handguard.

I took some pics of it, but my camera skills are virtually non-existent. Anyone that has any thoughts on this knife please let me know. Thanks.

Staying above the water line!



theotherryan said...

It is a cool blade, all the more that it is am heirloom.

I would still choose my trusty KaBar. However if the chips were down and my palm found itself on grip that blade instead the outcome would almost surely be the same.

riverwalker said...

To: theotherryan

It's most assuredly not one to part with at any cost. I was hoping maybe someone had run across a similar one somewhere that might give me an idea of its history.


Anonymous said...

I just came across one that had no 13 stamped on it and is verty similar to yours. I am still researching, but know that it is from WWII.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

Thanks. If you find out anything else just e-mail me or post a follow-up comment.


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