Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday's Tips for Preppers - Miscellaneous Tips

It’s time once again for Tuesday’s Tips for Preppers. Hope you may find some of these tips useful. Some tips you may not be aware of, while others have been around a long time.

1.) Preppin’ Tips - Guns

Small dents and dings can be removed from your wooden rifle stocks by placing a cloth dampened with water on the dent or ding and then pressing the cloth with a hot iron. Repeat the process as necessary depending on the size of the ding in the wood. Caution: DO NOT use this technique on synthetic rifle stocks (they will melt or become disfigured!).

2.) Preppin’ Tips - Food

Bananas ripen faster if you leave them connected to the stem. When storing bananas, separate them from the stem and they will last longer.

3.) Preppin’ Tips - Tools

Use a piece of scrap tin foil folded over 5 or 6 times to put an edge back on your scissors. Simply cut the folded tin foil into as many thin strips as possible. This will help keep your scissors sharp.

4.) Preppin’ Tips – Safety

A wet cotton ball can be used to pick up the small shards of glass that can’t be easily seen and you can avoid getting small shards and slivers in your hands or fingers.

5.) Preppin’ Tips – Garden

Use wet newspapers instead of weed plastic around your plants and in your garden. Make sure you overlap the edges and simply cover with mulch. Weeds can go through most weed plastics but will not go through the newspaper.

You may already know about some of these or may have better tips of your own so leave a comment about your favorite tips or tricks that you use to save time, money or effort.

Staying above the water line!



scoutinlife said...

Bananas ripen faster if you leave them connected to the stem. When storing bananas, separate them from the stem and they will last longer.

Great tip river I learned something thanks....

Kim said...

These are cool little tips. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Great blog sir. Some tips from down here - those big a$$ nails (4d - 6"+ length) are well worth carrying in the field. I've used them are fire irons, using them to support a small cup of water for cup-of-soup. Driven into ground, they allow a small skillet to be supported over the fire. Driven lengthwise through the long end of a potato, they cook the inside of a potato more efficiently when cooking over a fire, heating inside and outside simultaneously. No more raw interior / roasted exterior.

Great blog riverwalker.

j.r. guerra in s. tx.

gott_cha said...

Another tip,...if your tomatoes dont want to ripen on the vine,..pull them and place'm in a paper sack...old lunch sack. and keep em cool for a day or 2......they will be pretty and red!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was 60D nail size that was 6" long, not 4D - my bad. They make even larger 8" - 9" as well, but all I've seen are galvanized - believe they are classified as spikes.

Heres a good link to them, as well as working weight useage.


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