Friday, June 13, 2008

The Plan (Part 2)

The Plan (Part 2) is to take a little time off and spend it with my son and grandson. You can't spend too much time with family or friends. I've had to work three weekends in a row due to people being sick at work (maybe it's the water they're drinking, don't know). Hopefully, I'll get to make a little shopping trip to get the Mossberg. While not the top of the line, I think it's affordable, as well as reliable. I try to prep in stages and this will be a step up from my DAD's old single shot 12 gauge. The next step will be to get a little better one (Benelli? Browning?) when money permits and providing there are any left to buy out there. Thanks to everyone who has voted in my little poll and for all their advice, comments, and suggestions.

HAPPY Father's Day to everyone!

Stay above the water line!


Jennersen said...

Benelli is expensive. Remington manufactures great shotguns if that is what you are after, after the Mossberg is purchased. I would go for a center fire rifle bolt-action or semi-auto. The single shot 12, if it is like my old Savage, makes a good hunting tool. Granted it does not have the second follow up shot, but if the barrel is not one of those 18.5 inch suckers, perfect.

Oh I do not know if you own the center-fire rifle, sorry if you do scrap the advice. Handgun would be a good choice also if you are lacking one. In fact once the long arm is obtained go for the sidearm if your inventory is lacking.

22 Long Rifle said...

I think the Mossy is as good as anything on the market, ofr under $500. That includes the Nova, Express, and Winchester. And I really like my Nova!

The Mossy can be outfitted with a 18.5" riot barrel, or rifled slug barrel, or even .50 cal blackpowder barrel. I've even seen a guy put a 28" choke tube barrel on one and use it for hunting! Crazy!

I guided in the goose pits for a over ten years. The Mossy 500 and 835 was the gun! High rollers might have a few fancy oversees semis, but the Mossys were the working class pick. We use to bet on when the Express's were going to start cracking!


Mayberry said...

I've seen the Benelli show at TPWD EXPO. Impressive, but Holy Crap that sticker shock will kill ya!

gott_cha said...

I own the mossy a winchester 1300 and a remington #58 semi-auto,.....I like them all!!........But the 1300 is the fastest cycling rotary bolt pump shotgun on the market!! bar none!
Its silky smooth,..its flawless and its f&%king fast for putting lead down range

Staying Alive said...

Get the Mossy and maybe you will be totally satisfied. A good pump shotgun is wondrous machine. You could end up really liking it. As to centerfire rifle, buy what you like to shoot. Bolt guns all work on the same principle. It's the round that makes the difference. If you go for power try to stay with ammo that will be available should bad times come. But whatever it is, get plenty of ammo. Freebooters and whitetail deer are nice to see laying on the ground.


gott_cha said...

Happy fathers day!

Staying Alive said...

And why don't I have your email addy so I can reply in private?

Let's get that fixed, Riverwalker!


riverwalker said...

To: Michael

Repair is in progress.

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