Friday, June 26, 2015

Gorman Falls-Colorado Bend State Park:Hiking in the Texas Hill Country

Abundant rainfall in the area has Gorman Falls flowing nicely.  The area is protected by the Colorado Bend State Park, so visitors are limited in how close they can get to the falls.  The Texas State Park does provide an area near the falls with great views.

Gorman Falls will make you think an underground cave has erupted to the surface.  Water from Gorman Creek cascades 60 feet forming calcite deposits similar to caverns.

Colorado Bend State Park near Lampasas, Texas does offer several hiking trails including the 3 mile round trip Gorman Falls Trail.  This trail does have many large limestone rocks which can make footing difficult at times.  

As always, bring appropriate attire, footwear, and supplies.  Leave the flip flops in the car.

Hiking to the water line!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Its green all over Texas. Down in the RGV, we'd had our share as well. Funny thing - no mesquite bean production. Normal rainfall produces beans, but this year, quite a few of us have noticed NO BEANS. ???? Excessive rainfall perhaps ?

Hope a good time was had by all - Thanks Riverwalker.

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