Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Predator 4000 Generator Update - Wheel Kit Installation and Heavy Load Test

In my prior review of the Harbor Freight Predator 4000 Generator, there was only a light load test conducted during the initial break-in period. I’ve since installed a wheel kit and conducted a heavy load test. 

The wheel kit from Harbor Freight is amazingly easy to install and only a quick reference to the included instructions were necessary during the installation of the wheel kit. Note: You will need a set of metric wrenches for the installation.

Blocking It Up

To facilitate the wheel kit installation, I simply blocked the generator up with a short length of a 4X4 wood block. This provided adequate clearance to install the axles and the wheels. Once the wheels were installed, the other end of the generator was raised in a similar fashion. This allowed the front levelers to be attached easily and quickly.

The handle was easily attached with four bolts. You don’t need nuts on the bolts as stated in the instructions. Just make sure to orient the handle bracket properly to allow adjustment of the handle. It includes a pin with a lanyard to lock in the adjustment desired on the handle position.

Total wheel kit installation time was less than 15 minutes and in no time it was ready to go. A wheel kit will make moving your generator a very simple and easy process.

I also conducted a heavy load test on the generator afterwards. I used a couple of halogen lamps that draw a steady 10 amps when plugged in. The generator gave a slight burp when the lamps were hooked up but smoothed out quickly. It was run for an hour with this load without any problems. All that’s left to do is a break-in oil change of the unit.

Got wheels?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Yep, generators and air compressors are heavy, putting wheels on them is a good idea. This does make it easier for a thief to steal it though - maybe removing one wheel to make it harder would be a good idea ? May as well make them sweat.

Thank you sir.

riverwalker said...

To: anon 6:11

I was using a wheeled cart of Mrs. RW to haul it around. Worked great until Mrs. RW wanted her cart back!

Thanks anon.


Unknown said...

Has anyone tried running the ac for a motorhome with this generator?

riverwalker said...

To: Jan

Ran the a/c unit on my son's travel trailer just fine off of one circuit but would blow the circuit breaker if the microwave was used at same time. Just ran a separate extension cord to microwave off other circuit on the generator. It has two 15 amp circuits.Ran everything with this setup just fine.


eyefox said...

The Wheels were a good upgrade !The generators are heavy and that is a good installation for moving !

Anonymous said...

Wheel is bonus addition because durig my camping I need to move My Generator.

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