Thursday, June 6, 2013

Survival Food Review - MRE’s from Meal Kit Supply

During an emergency or a crisis you never really know what kind of meal is going to wind up on your plate. While there are many types of long term storage food options, few can beat the simplicity and ease of use of an MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat).

While they may not be quite the same as a “home-cooked” meal, MRE’s do provide a total meal and include beverages and a snack as well. The different menu plans do offer a decent amount of variety for your diet that normally includes breakfast and the “veggie” option. While there really is no “wow” factor when you consider the taste of the entrees in an MRE, they do furnish an adequate amount of calories and the necessary nutrition for your survival.

One distinct advantage of MRE’s is that they come with condiments, as in sugar, salt and pepper. With the right amount of seasoning, anything on your plate or in your MRE is going to taste a whole lot better. 

There is also an important note about MRE’s to remember. You will need water to properly prepare your MRE and also to make your beverage. 

The MRE’s from Meal Kit Supply were shipped in a sturdy container that contained 12 individual units that included 4 breakfast entrees and a couple of “veggie” options. All the individual packages were in excellent condition and suffered no damage in transit. They also arrived promptly in just a few days after being ordered. Variety is an important consideration when considering an item for long term food storage.

There are also very clearly marked date codes on the bottom of the case with instructions on how to read the date code properly. This makes it easy to keep a proper rotation of your storage food items. Clearly marked date codes are a must when considering an item for long term food storage.

Individual MRE’s from Meal Kit Supply come in a sturdy package that is almost identical to the regular government issue MRE’s. The actual wording on the MRE’s from Meal Kit Supply was a lot easier to read. Sturdy packaging is a must when considering an item for long term food storage.

The pork sausage patty MRE was a nice change of pace from some of the usual breakfast entrees. This also helped enhance the variety of the menus offered in these MRE’s. It’s really nice when they include something besides oatmeal for breakfast.

The chicken fajita MRE was a pleasant surprise in the taste department and adds a lot to the menu variety. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this meal an 8 (with 10 being reserved for homemade fajitas). The tortillas were actually quite good. This puts it right up there in the taste category and is probably one of the better meals that came in the case of MRE’s from Meal Kit Supply.
The chili and beans MRE was my next favorite item and it tasted as good as, if not better, than the canned versions available in the grocery store. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this meal a strong 7 only because I’m very picky about my chili and beans. I really prefer my own “homemade” version but wouldn't have any trouble eating this MRE on a regular basis.
  If you want a long term food storage product with sturdy packaging, easy to read date codes, a wide variety of menu options and that is simple and easy to prepare, then MRE’s from Meal Kit Supply  may be just what you are looking for to solve your long term food storage needs. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of these MRE’s.

Got MRE’s?
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Randy Augsburger said...

I have some MRE's from 1984...the bread and sweet stuff is still good but the cheese is green!...Didn't rotate them out!

riverwalker said...

To: Randy

Mrs. RW didn't feel like cooking the other night and broke out a Vegetable Manicotti MRE... it was about 8 years old and still made a decent meal.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I am a big fan of preparing campfire meals, but I have to admit that MREs are extremely easy to prepare. No special instructions required, all you need is water and a few guidelines, thanks for the tips. Check out more survival food kits here:

Richard C. Lambert said...

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brittanymlemay said...

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