Friday, March 2, 2012

Simple Home Security - The Denial of Area Strategy

Your home can often be made more secure by following a few simple security measures. Maintaining a safe distance is a major self defense strategy that is used on a personal level and can be readily applied to your home as well.  Using a denial of area strategy is one of the most effective means to maintain a higher level of home security.

Any means or device that can be used to prevent an adversary from entering or crossing a specific area around your home will increase the level of your security. You will want to make it as hard as possible for them to even get close to your home without being detected. The type of device or the method used to do this doesn’t have to be totally effective and in a lot of cases it may not deter the individual who is determined to violate the security of your home. It just needs to make an approach to your home more difficult and time consuming.

The goal of a denial of area strategy is to slow their progress, restrict their movements, limit their access or place them in a position where they may be discovered more easily. You may wish to avoid any strategies that may place you at a greater risk for personal injury (i.e., spreading broken glass outside your windows). The following security tips can help increase your level of home security.

Simple Home Security Tips

1. Deny them the cover of darkness. - Many times those seeking to violate the security of your home will prefer the cover of darkness to hide their activities. Installing good lighting outside your home that will illuminate all the entrances to your home and key areas of your yard will deny them a place to hide in the dark.

2. Deny them a safe place to hide. -  Many times thorny plants and shrubs located in strategic areas of your yard will deny them a place to safely hide. Many times they won’t be aware of the hazard you’ve provided for them until it’s too late.

3. Deny them easy access. - A good fence with locks on all gates is a good start. Forcing someone to climb a fence will slow them down and make it more time consuming for someone seeking to violate your security measures. Should someone actually get close to your home, properly installing door locks and securing your windows will slow them down even more.

Denying easy access to areas around your home is a simple way to increase the levels of your home security.

Caltrops anyone?

Staying above the water line!



Josh said...

Caltrops anyone?

I'd be awfully careful about something like that. If you injured someone, even if they were intending on breaking into your house, you wouldn’t be the first person to be on the end of a losing civil lawsuit for setting booby traps.

riverwalker said...

To: Josh

Most of the denial of area ways of discouraging intruders mentioned in my post were of a less aggressive nature.

There are other more aggressive means of providing denial of area protection that could be frowned upon or be inappropriate for regular use in normal times. they would be considered more of a weapon than a strategy.

During times of widespread looting, civil disobedience, etc. some of the more aggressive forms may be appropriate in such a SHTF event.

In our history many things have been used to limit the access of adversaries, including things like Czech hedgehogs, dragon's teeth and caltrops. Most of these were considered extreme measures and not particularly appropriate for civilian use during more normal conditions.

Thank Josh.


Josh said...


I agree that extreme times call for extreme measures. It’s just that I’ve seen on people talking about or advocating booby trapping their property now, when we are not under extreme circumstances, and the rule of law is still in full force. Unfortunately, there are people out there who, through sheer ignorance, or a blind eye to reality, think that this is reasonable. The reality though, is that unless there are no police to arrest, no courts to prosecute, and no civil courts in which to bring a lawsuit, you can be in serious trouble, both criminally and civilly, for injuring someone with a booby trap, regardless of their intentions in coming on your property.

riverwalker said...

To: Josh

Total agreement on your point.

There is no way you should even think about taking extreme measures during normal circumstances. It will only create more problems than it will solve.

Thanks Josh.


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