Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Survival Super Foods - Corn Starch

Many food items have unique properties that allow them to be considered “survival super foods”. Their unique qualities are what make them important as food in a survival situation. Cornstarch is quite simply a basic food item that is a survival super food.

Cornstarch is composed of starch which has been isolated from corn. Stored properly in an air-tight and moisture-proof environment it will easily last for up to two years in storage. Its main drawbacks are that it will “clump” if exposed to excess humidity and will absorb odors from other food items stored nearby. It has the appearance of a very finely ground white powder and is a much coarser consistency than regular cornmeal which has a more granular type of texture and appearance.

Cornstarch has many of the qualities that make it a survival food. One of the qualities of a survival food is how much cooking and prep time is required. Cornstarch can quite literally be eaten straight out of the box without even cooking. This is important if the means to cook or prepare your food is limited.  Another important quality is that it can be combined with other basic ingredients to make a soup or gravy to enhance your meals when other food stocks may be low or non-existent.

Corn starch is also amazingly easy to digest without any adverse effects on your health and is a very good source of energy for your body. Cornstarch is also effective in treating digestive disorders in persons who are experiencing trouble and aren’t able to consume sufficient calories to maintain their health at a proper level.  It is also gluten-free. This is an important consideration for those persons who have low tolerance levels for certain types of foods containing wheat or similar products.

Got super food for survival?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Cool - easy to find at most grocery stores (no shipping cost!) and not that expensive. Freeze it to kill the weevils inside for a few days, than store in old popcorn tins - done deal.

Anonymous said...

Durn, forgot to add -

Another item I buy in bulk are gravy mixes. I think many foods later on will be less palatable, and having some gravy to help with flavors will help in that regard. Envelopes are inexpensive and flat, making them easy to store. You can make these yourself too to save money, but the airtight storage and convenience of commercial products make them worthwhile.

riverwalker said...

To: Anonymous 9:23

The reference to cornstarch as a survival super food was based on the unique qualities that certain food items posess.

As stated in my post:

1. Little or no cooking or prep time.

2. Works well in combination with other food items.

3. Easily digested.

4. Has value in treating digestive orders.

5. Alternative food item for persons with certain food tolerance problems.

It is a food item with 30 calories per teaspoon and 7 grams of carbohydrates.

It like most food items should not be the only item on your menu but it can be eaten "as is" like many other food items, vegetables, fruits, etc.

I use cornstarch on a regular basis and I am aware that there are eating disorders that are associated with this food item. Then again, there are many types of other eating disorders and other health problems related to or associated with the consumption of food that are actually due to problems not directly associated with or caused by that food item.

While you are entitled to your opinion, I will not allow exterior links in the comments that are in direct contrast to some of my own thoughts and opinions on this matter.

Since I am unable to edit your original comment, it will be deleted.

Thank You.


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 6:08

Simple and expensive food items can be a great help in a crisis or during an emergency.

Thanks anon.


Anonymous said...

Also, don't forget about the other uses for cornstarch. In a WROL situation, you will most likely be going days between showers and clean clothes. Cornstarch is a great thing to put in your boots and nether regions to help ease rashes etc.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 9:35

Great point about the non-food uses for corn starch.

Thanks anon.


Ellen said...

As one of those who has a problem with gluten, corn starch is a staple in my household. Didn't know you could eat it without any processing/cooking, though. Thank you for the tip!!

Gotta get some more for the freezer... it keeps well there, at least while the power is on.

millenniumfly said...

Something I hadn't considered storing, thanks!

riverwalker said...

To: Ellen

It works best as a thickening agent in soups and stews but can be eaten "as is" if necessary without creating digestive problems.

Thanks Ellen.


riverwalker said...

To: milleniumfly

Just another handy food item to keep on the shelf.


Virginia said...

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