Sunday, July 31, 2011

Simple Survival Tips - Emergency Treatments for Minor Bleeding and Cuts During a Crisis

During a crisis or a disaster, you may find yourself experiencing some very simple medical problems for which proper medical treatment may not be readily available. One of the more common and frequent conditions you may experience are minor cuts or bleeding. There are usually simple solutions to these problems that can be found in your own kitchen.

While a severe cut or puncture wound will require immediate medical attention, there are several remedies for treating minor cuts and bleeding available using simple items from your kitchen. Treating minor injuries quickly will help reduce the risk of more serious complications from infections that could possibly develop if left untreated, especially during a crisis or disaster when the risks will be greater.

Some of the more frequently used items to help stop minor bleeding are ground black pepper, ground cayenne pepper, teabags, flour, cornstarch and ground coffee. Most of these items are highly absorbent and will help to slow down and help to eliminate bleeding from minor cuts or injuries. Don’t forget about treating your pets who may have suffered injuries as well. Cornstarch not only works well on people but can also be safely used on your pets to treat minor bleeding and cuts.

Pressure bandages will also help to eliminate or slow down bleeding and can be easily made from kitchen towels and wash cloths. Duct tape, electrical tape or whatever type of tape you have handy can also be used to help pull the skin together to help slow down or eliminate bleeding from minor injuries as well.

Being aware of your available resources will help you be better able to treat minor injuries that could lead to further complications in a crisis. While there are numerous alternatives for treating minor injuries, one of your best resources is a well-stocked first aid kit and the knowledge of how to use it properly.

Got kitchen remedies?

Staying above the water line!



millenniumfly said...

While I would agree it is always wise to know what "could" be done, I would say there is little reason to not have the appropriate supplies available (such as gauze pads) since they can easily be acquired now and will last quite a long time in storage.

Dustin Tarditi said...

Honey and sugar are good remedies, too.

idahobob said...

Super Glue, in case you do not have the means or ability to close wounds.


riverwalker said...

Being prepared with a good first aid kit is always the best option.

Having proper bandages, etc. should always be your first line of defense in an emergency.

Knowing other options for treatment, including things like super glue, honey and sugar is important as a second option.



Buckythebuffguy said...

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