Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stealth Prepping - Hiding in Plain Sight During a Crisis - Part One

During a crisis or a disaster, people who are unprepared may literally find themselves battling each other for what few resources may be left. They will also seek out any resources they may become aware of in order to increase their own chances for survival. Being aware of this fact is important in order for you to maintain and secure your own resources during such an event.

Now there are times when a crisis may be short-lived and lasts for only a few days. This can have disastrous effects if you start to utilize any long term resources too early in a crisis. Gradually phase in the use of your available resources so as not to appear unaffected by the crisis. This is something that may get you the unwanted attention of others affected by the same crisis.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a little deception. It’s much better to have them thinking you are in the same boat and suffering the same effects of the current crisis in much the same manner as they are. You want to appear to be like them. After all, misery loves company!

There is an old saying that “Actions speak louder than words.” This holds true in a crisis or a disaster. Don’t let your own actions send a message that will be heard loud and clear by those seeking to utilize any and all resources they can find when they realize that they were caught unprepared.

One of your first considerations is the noise factor. People are attuned to sight and sound. They are two of our basic senses. Cranking up your emergency generator too early is a simple example. Believe me there is nothing ordinary about the sound of a portable generator, chainsaw, etc. running if you want to attract someone’s attention. Someone is going to hear it and realize there is something going on. Their curiosity alone will lead them to check out the source. They will also realize that there may be other resources available as well. Maybe they need fuel and it will suddenly occur to them this may be a place get some, especially when you may have obviously indicated you have plenty.

Consider using other options first in the early stages of a crisis which may turn out to be of short duration. It’s better to remove enough frozen items from your freezer for a couple of day’s worth of meals and by placing them in your refrigerator you can maintain fairly decent refrigerator temps. Use your frozen food items in much the same manner as you would a block of ice. This will help minimize the need to open your freezer which will usually hold or maintain it’s temperatures for a day or two if not opened on a frequent basis. Save the generator for when things start to reach the critical stage and the loss of your resources becomes imminent.

Another consideration you should be aware of is what people see. Simple acts like having someone see a shed or garage door open at the wrong time which may allow someone to see something you don’t want them to know about. Avoid someone seeing things or activities that may make you vulnerable. Quite often it’s the little things that will cause you the most problems.
Things like hunger, thirst or a need for more security are great motivators. People who aren’t normally very observant will suddenly be paying attention to you and all of your activities. They will be listening for changes in their environment and if you make the wrong kind of noise they will hear it. They will suddenly view you as the solution to all their problems. And just as day follows night, others will follow. Avoid activities that may reveal your strengths or your weaknesses.

If you appear to be suffering as much as everyone else, you will draw less attention to yourself. If you fail to exercise a little due diligence, you might as well put a sign in the front yard saying “I’m a prepper!”  In the battle for survival, a little deception goes a long way.

In the words of Sun Tzu -

 “All warfare is based on deception.”

In a war for survival, this is a battle you can't afford to lose.

Staying above the water line!



Kellie said...

Don't forget smell. I know around here we all can smell it when someone grills outside!

And it only takes about five or ten minutes to track down who is doing the grilling!

Don't know how to stop smell from cooking: maybe boil? stew?

Anonymous said...

I am still saving for a solar generator.

My solar oven has no smell, Kellie. It is also completely portable, made from a plastic bucket, a reflective windshield guard rolled into a cone, and an 8" square cookie rack, I put the food on a black cake pan and cover it with a glass lid. A two cup brick of frozen casserole went from rock solid to boiling in less than 90 minutes. Usually takes longer than that to thaw.

John said...

Once again, excellent thoughts on this subject.

hippie_mama said...

All good advice.

Also, never underestimate what those seemingly oblivious neighbors may be picking up on regularly.

Anecdotal example: We make it a habit of keeping large water containers full at all times. When the neighborhood well went out over the winter (during an ice storm, naturally) the older lady up the street was calling us hourly to whine about it. I was tempted to just bring her one of our big containers so i could hear the end of it, but my husband pointed out that that would just be giving her an excuse to rely on us later (besides cutting the supply for our family of 5 in half). She had already mentioned that she still had power and was able to gather enough snow to melt for her and her cat, so we knew she wasn't stupid or incapable, and that she wasn't in any immediate danger. So i waited a couple of days, until we were able to get out by car, and i brought her back a couple of store-bought gallon jugs of water. It was a completely frivolous expense, in my opinion, but it allowed me to be neighborly and provide her with clean drinking water until we could get the well fixed, while also giving the illusion that it's how we were handling the situation ourselves. And my husband was right. We really don't want her at our door begging for supplies every time there's a small disaster, much less a theoretical big one.

riverwalker said...

To: Kellie

You brought up an excellent point. Smells can be rather enticing at times but they can also be used to repel unwanted attention also.

Kris brings up another excellent point about using a solar cooker in this regard.

Thanks Kellie.


riverwalker said...

To: Kris

Excellent point about solar cookers...fairly easy to make and avoid the smoke that comes with grilling.

Thanks Kris.


riverwalker said...

To: John


I feel having a proper mindset is an important part of being prepared.


riverwalker said...

To: hippie_mama

Sounds like you handled the situation like a true prepper...

Your husband was right on with his advice about the situation.



LuciferWar said...

Another fine post RW.
I have thought about this a great deal ever since I started preppin and bloggin. My concern was how many bloggers show their hand via their blog posts. I have often wondered where the balance is between sharing to spread the message and the movement, and just plain tellin too much.
Have you ever read a post where the blogger basically reveals his entire inventory? I think we both have read many a post like that.
It is tempting to do at times, but ill advised considering the circumstances. Or maybe I'm just paranoid? See, that is the issue, to share or not to share?
So I tend to be vague and generalized when I speak of my castle.
At any rate RW, your post was definitely thought-provoking.
Well done,
-- J the K

riverwalker said...

To: Joel the K

Good to hear from you. Fugured you were still lurking around out there.

It's a concern of mine also when trying to share as much information as possible but you need to draw a line as to how far you're willing to go to help someone.

Hopefully we can keep things in balance.

Thanks Joel.


Anonymous said...

I think that a good article to read on staying under everyone else's radar screen is You don't want to come to the attention of anyone that can make your life less pleasant than it already will be in a disaster situation.

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