Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simple Survival Tools - The Signal Mirror

The signal mirror in the above photo is a mil-spec (Type 1/MA23), 2 inch by 3 inch, Lexan-polycarbonate StarFlash Signal Mirror manufactured by School of Survival Specialties, Inc. This is one of the original StarFlash signal mirrors. These signal mirrors are standard issue in Air Force survival kits.

It comes with a lanyard hole so that it can be secured against loss with a looped paracord lanyard. It weighs less than an ounce with the lanyard and protective case.

A protective cover, which helps prevent scratches to the mirror surface, was made from a small credit card case. A hole was made in the bottom corner to feed the paracord lanyard through to secure the signal mirror in the case. I used an orange colored case so that it could be hung in a tree to offer a high visibility option. It also makes an excellent mirror for use around camp.

It takes practice to use it properly and there are instructions for its use printed on the backside. This lightweight signal mirror also floats.

This enables it to always be…

Staying above the water line!



DM said...

You know of a place that sells this model? I looked, but the ones i found weren't made by the same company that you stated and looked a little "flimsy".

Thanks for the great post.

riverwalker said...

To: DM

The manufacturer has changed several times and was lately called UST (Universal Survival Technologies)but has recently been sold to an outfit called Revere or something like that. UST has a link to the new company.

Most of the StarFlash mirrors are the new "Ultra" model and they have had problems with the metalized coating used on the mirror surface when they get wet. They have to be dried out thoroughly for a while before they become effective as far as a reflective surface is concerned.

You may be able to find one of the older versions at an Army/Navy surplus store if you check around or you may find one on a site like E-bay for sale.

Thanks DM.


Jayce^ said...

The best truly cheap alternative to this, take an old CD. Has the peephole in the middle, is reflective, very lightweight. And if it breaks, oh well.

riverwalker said...

Here is a link to a newer version:

This is also a Mil-spec Type 1.


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