Sunday, November 29, 2009

Survival Snacks

Trail mix is a very simple snack food combination and one of Mrs. RW’s favorites. It can also be a useful food item in almost any situation. It is relatively easy to make and with a variety of ingredients can also be quite healthy for you. It doesn’t require cooking and is easy to carry with you wherever you go. The list of ingredients that can be included in trail mix also makes it an excellent choice for maintaining overall nutrition and controlling your hunger. Making trail mix is easily done and simply involves mixing a few basic ingredients together in whatever type of combination you may decide upon to suit your individual taste.
The different types of ingredients you might include when making trail mix are:

1.) NUTS:
Most any type of nut can be included in trail mix. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, peanuts, and cashews are all great choices for trail mix food. You can also use nuts that are already pre-mixed.

Dried fruit makes another healthy addition to your trail mix. You can use most any type of dried fruit for your trail mix. Some of the most common ones that are used are raisins, dried cranberries, banana chips and dried pineapple. Coconut flakes are also a great item that can be added to your trail mix.
3.) SEEDS:
Seeds are also a great item to add to trail mix because they are healthy and add more variety to your trail mix. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are both great choices.

Almost any kind of cereal can be added to your trail mix to give it a little extra crunch and texture. Things like granola, bran flakes, and cheerios are all good choices.

Add some crunch to your trail mix with any kind of small cracker or pretzel. Small cheese crackers and pretzel sticks are a great addition to trail mix.

6.) CANDY:
Chocolate or peanut butter chips can also be added to trail mix to give it a little additional sweetness. You may even want to include other small items such as M and M’s, caramel, peppermints or butterscotch candy. Don’t forget that chocolate can melt at warmer temperatures.

Don’t forget the little marshmallows! They also happen to be one of Little RW’s favorite items.
Being easy to make and carry makes trail mix an excellent item to have handy in any situation, including an emergency. It also works great when you go camping, hiking or hunting to curb your hunger. It’s also a great food item to keep in your vehicle during the winter months.
Staying above the water line!


Ken said...

Flashback:1989...truck broke down about 3 1/2 miles from my land,and camper,in Hillman MI,on our way to deercamp...couldn't raise anyone on the C.B. we grabbed some shooters and a few items we could carry,and hoofed it(4 of us),we got to the camper,started a fire,realizing most of the supplies were still in the truck,we were hungry,it's after noon,on the day before opening day(the busiest time of year in northern michigan)waiting on a wrecker from town...long story short,we shot a rabbit and two squirrels,used my 'trailmix'(it was in the early version of a GHB only 'real' food available without the supplies from the truck) crushed as breading for the fried critters...worked out pretty good too...

sorry for the long comment,point is,don't leave home without the 'trailmix'

Unknown said...

Prepping a bunch of trail mix in advance, in single-serving sizes, can be a very big advantage in survival situations. Not just for getting stranded, but also for bugging in if TSHTF (meaning anything from a storm-induced lack of electricity for a couple of weeks to total civilizational destruction). Some comments:

First, doing it in advance is just good prepping advice, but it is also a big time saver even if you're just taking it on a camping trip. If you have 100 or more servings prepared, just grab enough for the trip and be done with it.

Second, having a bunch of meals with some decent nutrition (nuts, vitamin-fortified Cherios, seeds, dried berries, etc.) will be a boon if you have to live off of tuna or rice/beans for weeks or months on end.

Third, vacuum pack the suckers to preserve taste and push off the decline in nutritional value. Putting a bunch of these packs in a big mylar bag inside of a plastic bucket would further enhance the preservation of taste and nutrition.

Fourth, buying all of the ingredients in bulk will save money for other preparedness items (including debt repayment).

Mayberry said...

I looooove trail mix, and dehydrated fruit. Easy to make, stores great, and tastes awesome. What else could ya want! Good stuff RW.

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Any snack in in a better than nothing! Glad you had some trail mix handy.


riverwalker said...

To: Paul

Great idea about putting up extra! sort of like a "mini-MRE", only better tasting! Thanks for the tip.


riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

If it tastes good, it's got to be trail mix...especially good when you mix your combinations to fit your own tastes!

Thanks Mayberry!


Chief Instructor said...

Great post. It's hard to beat the mix of nutrition you can pack into Trail mix.

For our Get Home Bags, we have bags of trail mix that we throw in a few sticks of jerky, then vacuum seal it all up.

I've never tried a mix with marshmallows - I need to give that a try.

HermitJim said...

Can't ever have enough snacks available, especially during an emergency! Being in hurricane country, I've learned this the hard way!

Thanks for some ideas for additions I hadn't thought of before!

riverwalker said...

To: Chief Instructor

That's the great thing about trail can mix just about anything. I like to add little caramels and my grandson goes for the miniature marshmallows. most anything will work. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: HermitJim

Mrs. RW doesn't need a hurricane...she eats it all the time! She keeps glass jar filled with the different ingredients, grabs a bowl and mixes some up and snacks on it. it makes a good late night snack to satisfy your appetite without having to eat a big meal.

Thanks Jim!


Unknown said...

This looks so delicious! :)
All the ingredients in it look great-- and good idea to make this with seeds!
You don't by any chance know a good place to find dried fruits, do you?
I've been looking around online for these so I can make trail mix myself. :)

Really like your blog


Sally said...

Riverwalker: I will *definitely* be trying this.
@Tina- I normally get my Trail Mix from NutsOnline-- I've looked a fair bit and they seem to consistently have the best prices.
Lovely blog and post Riverwalker-- all looks really tasty!

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