Monday, July 13, 2009

DIY Hydraulic Log Splitter

Hi everyone! Dean in Arizona here. A few months ago, RW and I discussed a few topics for posts, and with my home remodeling, I got sidetracked, so, I must have gotten bored today or inspired by RW's post on saws. We had discussed some shop projects and things and I had suggested a home made log splitter, so here it is! Please keep in mind, this is made out of some scrap material I had from an old job, so adjust as needed.

So, we’re out in the woods, got the chain saw ripping away, dragging out the logs with the truck or quad, headed back to camp. Now, we need to get them to length, then dry and split. Wow, lotsa gas, or worse, work!

I'm lazy. I admit it. I'll find an easy way to do a hard job if it’s possible! A chainsaw beats a hand saw, a log splitter beats an ax, so on…I'm 48 years old, I can't swing an ax all day, sorry. So, how do I use my brain before brawn?? Well, here's how!

RW and I had kicked around the idea of a cheap, portable log splitter, so here it is! Cheap is relative as to what and where you can find it and you will need some welding skills, or a buddy with some, but it's super simple to make with easily available stuff!

Please note, this is made out of scrap material I had laying around, so your size may vary a bit. This can do a 16 inch log, 8 inch diameter and uses one of those cheap little hydraulic jacks from one of the big box stores or auto supply. If you'd like the exact measurements, just ask!

Thanks RW!

Dean in Arizona


riverwalker said...

The basic design concept is relatively simple and the only basic improvement I would recommend is adding an adjustable support on the outside edge to give it an additional amount of support. I know Dean was limited to what scrap material he had on hand and I’m sure there are some other minor improvements that can be made depending upon what you have available to work with as far as materials are concerned. The portable design of this log splitter is simple but effective.

Anonymous said...

The tubing is all 2 inch square,3/16 wall tubing,so I don't think it would need a support,unless you can't find the heavy stuff. I was also thinking about putting a T leg on the end so that it could be used on the ground without falling over,but compactness was my first thought.
Dean in az

Anonymous said...

Think I need to add a few detail's to clarify thing's a bit.
Those eye bolt's in the pic are for spring's to lift the splitter ,being on a budget,I didn't have the buck's for them today.
I had a lil hydraulic jack that was perfect for this,but it blew out a seal a few month's ago and have yet to replace,so that's why there is a propane bottle there,about the right size I think.Without the jack,it was hard to figure out what spring's to get anyway.
I left the eye bolt's long so that when I get the spring's,I can adjust the tension properly,then cut off the extra.
Not shown in the part's pic are 4 piece's of angle iron that weld to the slider to keep it straight,I was cutting them when I took the pic.You can see them in the finished pic.
Hope this clear's it up a bit!
Dean in Az

HermitJim said...

Simple, yet effective! I like it!

Mayberry said...

Cool... Handy how it plugs in to the 2 inch receiver. Reckon a bottle jack might work? I got 2 or 3 of those layin' around...

Anonymous said...

All you need to do is add the log length,the wedge length,and the jack length together,add an inch or 2,and you have the length for the upright piece's.
Dean in az

Brad the Builder said...

Great idea!

riverwalker said...

To: Brad the Builder

Appreciate the compliment! Thanks.


log splitters said...

Hi Dean,

If that is what you think that make your hard job easy then go for it. Everyone will always look for the easy way.

Robert said...

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Unknown said...

Thank you. A little research has payed off. I am going to build one using your,fantastic, design. May I request the dimensions please?

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