Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Survival Food - Sardines

The best winter survival foods will provide a large number of calories for your diet. Calories are a measure of heat energy produced by the foods we eat. Food keeps our bodies warm and foods with a high calorie content will keep you warmer. There are several types of foods which can provide you with the needed calories to keep your body warm in winter.

The traditional cold weather food has been pemmican. In its simplest form, pemmican is nothing more than dried meat (jerky) mixed with animal fat. The result was a high-protein, high-fat, high-nutrition and high-energy food.

A more non-traditional winter survival food is MRE’s. While they can be fairly expensive, they do provide good balanced nutrition for your body. MRE’s may not be affordable or readily available for some people but are still a good choice.

An alternate source of a winter type survival food is sardines. They are cost effective and come conveniently packaged in cans that many times don't require the use of a can opener. They are also available in a number of different types to suit your tastes and offer a variety for proper diet and health.

Types of Canned Sardines

1.) Sardines in Oil

Sardines packed in oil will offer the highest calories with a balanced ratio of fat for an excellent winter survival food. In winter your body will need all the calories it can get to stay warm. Sardines in oil will generally have approximately 310 calories in a serving with 154 calories being derived from fat. Most sardines are packed in single serving cans.

2.) Sardines in Mustard

Sarines packed in mustard sauce will offer you some variety of taste. Sardines in mustard sauce generally have 190 calories in a single serving with 80 calories being derived from fat. Sardines are also available in a tomato sauce.

3.) Sardines in Water

Sardines in water, while not having the highest amount of calories, may be a good choice for those who have chlolesterol problems. Sardines packed in water generally have 150 calories in a single serving with approximately 72 calories derived from fat.

Sardines are readily available in most areas, are an inexpensive food item, and will provide you with sufficient calories to maintain your body's heat in winter by providing you with a sufficient amount of calories.

You might want to include a few crackers to go with the sardines!

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Sardines, one of my favorite foods. And you're right, a great survival food. It goes well with other foods you are likely to scavenge in the outdoors. A relatively inexpensive MRE full for protein, calcium (eat the bones, the best part) and other nutrients. The oil in winter is highly prized.

riverwalker said...

TO: survivaltopics

Pack a can in each pocket of your BDU's and you're good to go.

Thanks Ron.


Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sardines are great, but they have at least doubled in price over the past year. Used to get them on sale for a quarter or full price for 39 cents. Now you can't find them for under a dollar - even at the chinamart.

I've noticed that the ones packed in water end up looking brown and fall apart easily. My favorite is sardines in hot sauce - they taste great, and something about the hot sauce keeps the sardines fresher and more solid.

riverwalker said...

To: zegon

Sardines in hot sauce are great! Thanks for the reminder.


Patricia said...

Sardines have always traveled in my car kit, at least a tin or two. I've just been dreaming of a recipe of noodles with a butter/herb/sardine sauce. Or maybe those hot sauce sardines. YUM.

riverwalker said...

To: Patricia

Sardines rank right up there with tuna! Thanks.

Happy Holidays to you and Michael!


Phil said...

I like those smoked baby clams that are usually right next to the sardines.
I have several cans of each stashed away.

riverwalker said...

To: Bustedknuckles

I also have some of the herring in hot sauce. It's amazing the variety in canned fish or shell fish taht's available. Thanks.


Virginia said...

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wonderlearner said...

I have always fancied taking sardines, bread and a bottle of milk for breakfast every morning. I guess anyone would say i am addicted to sardines. Reading this article, i had a new perspective. Thanks, Amigo!
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joshdriod said...

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