Friday, October 24, 2008

Simple Survival Tips - Emergency Dental Repair

Been on a hiking or camping trip in a remote area and suddenly find yourself in a world of pain? Maybe it’s late at night on a weekend and the throbbing pain hits you and won’t stop! Here’s a little tip that will take away the pain till a more permanent repair can be obtained. Amazingly, this solution is probably lying in a kitchen drawer waiting to be used.

The pain caused by the loss of a filling in one of your teeth can be exceedingly painful. Raw, exposed nerve endings will let you know very quickly when that filling pops out.

A quick and easy solution to this problem is usually just an arm’s length away.

Take a piece of wax from a birthday candle, the ones that have been laying in the drawer for months, and rub it between your fingers to soften it a little. Then merely mold the piece of wax to the exposed cavity in your tooth. This will prevent direct exposure of the nerves in your tooth and thereby reduce or eliminate the pain. Just avoid excessively cold or hot food and drink until a proper and more permanent repair to your tooth can be made by a qualified professional. The wax in birthday candles is very pliable and is not harmful if accidentally swallowed.

Going on a hike or taking a little hunting trip? Got a cavity that's been filled? Take a birthday candle along, even if your birthday is still a ways off!

Got wax?

Staying above the water line!



Mayberry said...

Excellent tip! And another item to add to the list.....

riverwalker said...

To: mayberry

You're welcome!


Patricia said...

Jeez, RW, this is an invaluable tip! Thanks--these tips of yours are excellent. I should start a file and keep all of them in it. Yep.

riverwalker said...

To: patricia

Keeping a file of useful tips is a good thing!

Glad you find my little bits of wisdom helpful. You would think after almost six decades I'd have even think?

Thanks patricia!


Anonymous said...

Good post! One thing you could do before placing the wax would be to apply a drop of Oil of Cloves to the "hole".

It works as a pain reliever.

Staying above my ever-changing water line!

John in Alaska

riverwalker said...

To: John in Alaska

First off, greetings to the great state of Alaska!

Hey John that's a really good idea.
Now to keep some oil of cloves handy...just in case!

Thanks a bunch!


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