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Fuel Storage and Safety – Fuel Types - LPG

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) has the advantage of being one of the easiest fuels that can be stored. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous fuels you can store. It is highly flammable and can be ignited by many sources, including open flames, sparks, smoking materials, electrical sparks and static electricity. It can also cause severe freeze burns or frostbite if LPG liquid comes in contact with your skin and is an explosive hazard if not handled properly. If you fail to take the necessary precautions to use LPG safely, you may be putting yourself at risk for a serious disaster.

LPG - Uses

LPG is a highly versatile fuel and is used in numerous applications. The major applications include:

1.) As a fuel source for stationary engines.

2.) As a fuel source for tractors and motor vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, forklifts, etc.).

3.) For cooking purposes (BBQ’s, camp stoves, ranges and ovens in the home)

4.) For heating purposes in the home, a work shop, or other outbuildings, etc.

LPG – Advantages

LPG has several main advantages:

1.) It is highly portability depending upon your application.

2.) It is available in a variety of container sizes to fit many different applications.

3.) It is a very clean burning and efficient fuel.

4.) It is readily available for purchase in numerous places.

LPG - Disadvantages

1.) It must be stored under pressure to remain in a liquid state.

2.) Leaks are not visibly apparent and your fuel can disappear due to leaks without your knowledge.

3.) It is only slightly heavier than air and will disperse in a ratio that is highly explosive.

4.) It will also “collect” in low spots creating a dangerous fire or explosive hazard.

LPG – Storage Methods

1.) LPG is normally stored in pressurized tanks of varying sizes from 1 lb canisters to 500 gallon storage tanks.

2.) It should be kept in a well ventilated building or open shed.

3.) It should be downwind and downhill from any living areas as the fuel vapors are heavier than air.

LPG – Safety Information

Leisure Safety with LPG.pdf


Propane Safety Tips.pdf

Whatever fuel you store, it should be checked on a regular basis and plan your storage so as to meet your short or long term goals for its use.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I hear a lot about storing coleman propane cylinders. I don't have any but this would also seem like a smart fuel source to store if you have a grille

riverwalker said...

To: kookster

I have a couple of the 1 lb. cylinders in a closet and several extra stored in my detached garage.
I also keep a small 25 cylinder for my turkey fryer in the garage. I won't keep more than a couple of the 1 lb cannisters in the house - and it's against the fire code in my town. Check your local fire dept. for the rules on in house storage - it's different everywhere.


Mr. Natural said...

Another disadvantage to LPG is that it has to be imported and the new stuff is coming from Indonesia. I personally really LIKE it, and wish to hell we could replace it with home-made methane, but alas, it is not to be. Nice blog ya got here!

Anonymous said...

My father and I ran an RV dealership years ago..We'd get call's from customer's smelling the propane from the tank's.They have a vent valve on them,so if it sit's in th sun full,it might "vent off" a bit of gas.Keep it cool and shaded,or lose some gas!

riverwalker said...

To: Mr. Natural

It's really clean burning which is a good thing.



I spent a lot of summers painting big propane storage tanks with a silver paint to help reflect the sun. Great tip there! I think a lot of RV's currently come with those cover thingys on their propane tanks. Correct?


Bill in NC said...

Catalytic heaters with oxygen sensors like the "Buddy" run on the small propane cylinders.

Safe to use inside because of the low-oxygen shutoff.

They make a huge difference once you've closed off a room.

riverwalker said...

To: bill in NC

Great tip! Especially with winter coming on! Thanks bill!


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Unknown said...

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