Thursday, August 14, 2008

Riverwalker's Gear - Streetwise FSH250 Dynamo / Solar Radio Flashlight

I highly recommend this radio for anyone looking for a great emergency radio at a cost that won’t totally wreck your budget. If you’ve got sunlight, the solar cells on the top of the handle will keep it charged, and if there’s no sunlight you can pop in a couple of “AA” rechargeable batteries (it will operate on regular “AA” batteries as well) and it’s still good to go! No batteries and no sun? No problem! Just flip out the little crank handle on the end and wind it a few minutes and you’re back in business. I’ve used it many times with no batteries and no cranking while it just sits in the sun and I’m listening to the news, sports or some favorite “oldies” on the AM/FM radio. Mine came with two extra light bulbs for the flashlight (a yellow and a red) stored in the battery compartment (I think it still has this feature). It also has a siren and the light flashes when the siren is turned on. It’s got a built-in speaker and a telescopic antenna and a plug for earphones.

It’s truly been a great piece of gear and I have used it at work, while outside in the yard, and during a few power outages during different storms without any problems. The ability to use regular batteries, rechargeable batteries, or no batteries at all is a winning combination. Add the fact that you can power it up with a little cranking or by placing it in the sunlight adds immensely to its versatility.

If you need a great emergency radio, this one is reliable, versatile, and economical.

Staying above the water line!



Staying Alive said...

The radio sounds pretty good. I jsut have a terible time of getting anything to pick up stations here in the valley. This part of Indiana is not a large population area and doesn't get much at all.


scoutinlife said...

That's a pretty neat radio I like the solar option for power!

Anonymous said...

How sturdy is the crank? My worry about gadgets that allow cranking like this is that the, typically, plastic crank will break fairly quickly. The solar option on this one is very nice.

Survival Chick said...

I love the solar option! Too lazy to crank.

riverwalker said...

To: Michael

Try climbing up one of those hills. The reception is probably better up at the top! Ha Ha!

To: scoutinlife

I like the solar part - saves batteries!

To: mockum

I wouldn't use it for a prybar but it's done OK every time I've cranked on it. I've had it almost two years and it's a favorite with my grandson. He likes the crank but then he's only 3 years old!

To: survival chick

Just set it in the sun and it'll do its thing!

Thanks for the great comments.


Anonymous said...

That looks pretty cool, for those who can afford to spend a little more I highly recommend anything by Eton. The radio I have can be powered by solar, crank or standard battery, can receive NOAA, FM, AM and can charge cell phones and Ipods.
cost - $80

Anonymous said...

too bad they don't build one with 2 way capability

riverwalker said...

To: survival spot

This radio is now my back-up unit and I've since upgrade my primary to an Eye Max with NOAA feature - still a slor powered unit with crank. I generally start with affordable and upgrade as money permits - this usually leaves me with a good back-up.

To: kenneth h.

Yeah, that's a bummer! I think they just want you to have to buy two products instead of one.


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