Friday, July 25, 2008

Texas Preppers Network - Please Sound Off

I would like to ask any preppers from Texas, those that want or plan to come to Texas, or those that are planning to leave Texas to sound off about any problems they are having in their area. These problems should address survival or preparedness issues you may have. I would also like to have anyone else, no matter where you are from to sound off also. Sharing ideas and information can only help to make us better prepared.

Are there food shortages of any kind in your area? Are fuel prices higher or lower than normal in your area? Are you seeing more people stocking up? Have there been severe weather problems in your area (fires,floods,tornadoes, etc.)? Are there any traffic problems because of road construction? Has there been an outbreak of crime in your area that may be of concern to someone else in the region. Maybe there are equipment shortages. Can't find spare or replacement parts for your guns or gear? Don't see any of a particular item on the shelves anymore and need to see where it can still be found? Maybe you just have an excess of something and would like to work out a trade with someone in the area or do a little bartering.

Basically, I would like to see if a heads-up on local happenings in the state might be of help to someone. I would like to see if there is a need out there for some sort of state-wide alert system for survival and preparedness related information that could be accessed quickly in an emergency or crisis situation or give an early warning if something is going down.

I would also like anyone visiting my site to please leave a comment if you have done something similar in your area or would like to start something similar in your area or simply want to help with an idea or a criticism.

For those of you who do not wish to make a public comment, you may e-mail me privately at:

This idea came about as a result of the excellent job that Survivalist News has done. They have a great site that has helped a lot in the area of critical survival news.

I will also make a definite effort to respond to all of your comments so check back for my response to your comments or the comments made by someone else.

Even if you don't leave a comment or e-mail me, I want to thank everyone that has visited my site for their time in doing so. THANKS!

Stay above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I'm up the coast in the Beaumont/port arthur area. Most of our survival concerns, as you can imagine, are geared towards hurricane prep. However, in the event of long-term/grid down collapse, I worry about our significant population of unemployed, government dependent locals, as well as our hug prison population. it would not take much to launch into full scale rioting. My long term plans center around acquiring land in the rural counties north of here for a retreat. In the meantime, bugging in seems to be the most viable option. Food storage has taken center stage, and I am slowly, but surely, getting my wife on board. We are fortunate to be in a situation that, once our home sells, we will be in a family owned home and free of a mortgage. I work in the criminal justice system, and it seems that the price increases are affecting everyone at some level. I recently noticed a huge increase in the number of used firearms for sale at gander Mountain here. Lots of AR/M4 rifles and several M1As. Although this area has not seen the kind of tumult from the housing implosion, and employment has remained stable due to significant refinery expansions, rising food and gas costs hit everybody. Lots more garage sale, and many local charities, the food bank especially, are having trouble staying afloat.

Anonymous said...

I'm up in Denton County. I would love to be able to tell you what is going on in my neck of the woods, but sadly I have not been there in the past month. I can't tell you how things are because the company I work for is keeping me away from home right now. I've been buying some equipment while I am away so it will be waiting on me when I get home. I'll be focusing on food and water type prep once I actually make it back home. I'm pretty new to the whole prep/survivalist thing anyway, so I'm trying as hard as I can to get caught up with everything I can to get myself prepared. I sometimes fear I've started too late...

riverwalker said...

To: luke n bmt

Thanks for the great response.

I work in corrections and probation (both adult and juvenile) and share many of your concerns in the stability of our criminal justice system (lack of funding due to cutbacks by the state)and the effects that may have on us.

I also worry about the large indigent population the state has accummulated over the years and realize that many of them will not be able to sufficiently provide for themselves in a crisis, but will be dependent on government agencies to furnish their needs.

The value of housing in my area still remains fairly stable but that could change quickly as biusinesses start to cutback their operations due to decreased sales volume.

I already have a small amount of land at a somewhat remote location between Houston and San Antonio (with many close relatives and friends nearby) that I could get to if bugging out became neccessary, but essentially are thinking along the same lines as you; sheltering in place.

I have also seen a large increase in yard and garage sales. I think many people are already hurting for cash. The prices for items at the garage sales have also gone significantly higher.

One other note for you. We have already had several people "lose it" when confronted with a job loss and nowhere to turn. "One lady literally went screaming and naked into the night when confronted with this type of situation and was found later by police incoherent and crying uncontrollably." Just glad we don't have any really tall buildings around town.

I feel better that what I'm seeing isn't just me seeing things.



riverwalker said...

To: randyandrews

The fact that you have recognized a need to be prepared and have already started the process puts you "a fair ways ahead" of the average person. Every journey starts with that first step and you've already taken that one!

Thanks for your comments. Perhaps someone else will be able to comment on things in your area and you can get an update even while you are away from home.


Marie said...

I'm not in Texas, but since you asked for input...just one thing that happened to me not long ago was that I went looking for shoes for my children. When I asked for a needed size, 3 of the 4 styles that I looked at didn't have that size, (I didn't ask about the 4th style) and their next shipment wouldn't have come in for days. I think I was the only one in the shoe department at the time, so there wasn't some flurry of activity--it was in a mall and there didn't seem to be many people there at all.
While this may not be a widespread thing, it made me wonder if there are fewer and fewer choices that are going to be available because of the economy--perhaps they are closing out these styles because of production costs, hence the lack of sizes available, or are shipping fewer shoes to locations because they don't expect them to sell as quickly--but whatever the case, not available means not available. While right now I am focusing on food storage and how to use it, this experience has made me think that I might need to look more urgently at making sure that I have other necessities on hand (like shoes) in the event of products not being available for transportation, natural disaster, further problems with the economy, or whatever emergency may arise. I like to hear what other people are noticing, so that I can be as prepared as possible for whatever emergency may come, because not everyone is going to notice the same things--but if we all keep an eye out, we can help each other.

riverwalker said...

To: marie

I've been trying to buy the Wheat Chex cereal and can't find it anywhere in my area. I've checked the big box stores, chain grocery outlets and even the "mom-n-pops".
Somebody must still be selling it somewhere. Thanks for your input. It is greatly appreciated.

BTW,added a link to your blog on my site.


Mayberry said...

Good idea RW. Nuthin' major down here, other than the beaches are pretty much thrashed from Dolly. I haven't been out there, but I've seen what happens before.... There has been some flap about the city water supply here in Corpus, related to two boil notices we had recently. I ain't keeled over yet, so I reckon it's ok to drink the stuff. Makes ya wonder though......

riverwalker said...

To: mayberry

We can always use a heads-up on the weather, especially hurricanes and such, so you keep an eye out and let us know if something tries to "sneak" in at the coast. You seem to be pretty up to date on that kind of stuff (I liked your post on weather forecasting tips.



Anonymous said...

All things normal in the metroplex that has the same population as Denmark.

Sam said...

River Walker: Great idea!!

Checking in from the Pacific Northwest - For just 5 more weeks we will continue to live in a nice neighborhood in a large metro area. Last February we started seeing (for the first time) "For Rent" signs popping up among the growing number of "For Sale" signs. Now there are garage sales every weekend, RVs and nice boats are being sold off.

Motor homes are the bargains now, cheaper than similar sized trailers and 5th wheelers - bad gas mileage ya know. Hey, for living in after SHTF, mileage is a non issue when parked at your lets-get-through-this-thing place. Saw a nice Class A the other day with just 27,000 miles for $5,000. Not for us, but good for someone. Folks are dumping things they can for what they owe on them just to stop the payments.

Like Marie, we've seen a reduction in selections and quantity. We went to lay in a few months worth of dog food, and they had just 2 small bags of our pooch's favorite. Hmmm...

I was behind an older guy filling up up his pickup at Costco. After he filled the truck he opened his tail gate and started filling gas cans. He looked at me apologetically - I smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up. After he filled a few cans he looked back at me with a knowing look and smiled. Yup, another prepper. And keeping his mouth shut. Good for him!

Looks like we are moving to a small town in September. It took quite awhile to land the work and such so we could do this. Things are firming up.

Our preps are good for almost a year in many categories, and hardly a couple of weeks in others. We have a ton to do to strike a good balance in our family's preps. Working on it hard, but sooo far to go.

Our little SHTF group includes an old friend of 50 years that lives just north of Dallas/Forth Worth. It is a long haul to the Northwest from there, we are hoping to have things in place in time for them to commit and move out here. All bets are off...

Dragon said...

Great idea, Up here in South West Pa its quiet.
But the stores have been weird. odds and ends aren't available for a day or two, Then there they are in spades. The produce sections at all major retailers are looking like,well, shit. most of it fit for slopping hogs. Takes me back to shopping in TJ at the calimax. 7.62x54r is getting hard to find

riverwalker said...

To: jennersen

Good to know things are quiet in the metroplex. Let us know if there are any gun or ammo deals out therealso. I think you are pretty well versed in those type of things or have friends that can help others out there with their gun issues. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: Sam

Glad to see you're able to start the move. Don't see major cities as being very sustainable.

Yeah, lots of people are dumping their "toys" as cash gets tight with higher food, fuel, and utility prices.

Same around here, as far as yard and garage sales, lots more popping up everywhere. The local paper is even offering "free garage sale kits" with signs, pricing labels, & deals on extra advertising.

I wrote a post commenting on the fact that I saw some more preppers out here a while back. Beginning to see more and they always give you the "look" and you know what they're doing.

I'm also seeing some spot shortages. Ugh, I like wheat chex ceral but I'm having hard time finding it on the shelves anywhere (wheat shortage?). I can find corn and rice chex but really love the wheat chex. Having trouble also finding the larger size dog food for my security team around here. The little 5 lb. bags just don't cut it.

It's hard to do sometimes but you really need to keep the balance thing going with your preps. A year of food and no ammo, or vice versa, could leave you between a rock and a hard place. Thanks SAM.


riverwalker said...

To: dragon

I think maybe the JIT (just in time) inventory system of the retailers is starting to show some weakness as far as maintaining supply to meet the demand. Lot more people prepping and those already prepping are probably doubling up. Probably a lot more spot shortages are going to be showing up real soon.

Shortage of 7.62x54r getting hard to find! Anybody reading the comments section let Dragon know where he can get some, especially if you know of a good deal out there.

BTW, enjoyed some of your recent posts. We do a "pioneer village" thing here in town on a regular basis everyday with special demonstrations of pioneer ways on weekends-lots of interest in this area! Thanks Dragon.


riverwalker said...

To: Sam

BTW,I also stopped in at a Costco last weekend. Lots of activity in the food sections. Not many people loking at the "big screen " TV''s.


Kim said...

SE Washington, gas at $4.25/gal today. I don't what it's going for everywhere else. I still can't find a large bag or box of corn meal. I guess we'll have to buy the over priced small box of Alber's for cornbread and such. The regularly priced ($4.99)medium chedder went up $.50 at the local Fred Meyer aka Kroger grocery store.

Anonymous said...

The good :

Harbor Freight is opening a store in Carrollton (N DFW).

Toll 121 in the Colony looks like its getting closer to being finished, All lanes seem to be drivable

The Bad :

Lots of garage sales in the area.

DFW TV news stations are reporting more crime stories. There has been a lot more crime rings popping up in the news as they get busted.

the gas siphoning barometer is still pretty low

riverwalker said...

To: kim

Been having trouble finding large size packages of corn meal also with some availability of the 2 lb. bags and the ready mix stuff.

Got a C-store here having a Grand Re-opening after a remodel. Gas was $3.94/Gallon but they have it on sale this weekend at $3.79 / Gallon. Thanks for chipping in with a comment!Tell Randy I said "Howdy!"

BTW, Stock plenty of chow for Ruby!
That's a great lookin' "dawg"!


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

AH! Harbor Freight - where survivalists shop, they're going to need that new store!

I'm seeing as many garage sale signs as For Sale signs....really makes you stop and think about what's happening.

Lots more crime and it's really starting to escalate...even the crooks out there are having a tough time. We just need to be tougher; we're already smarter!

Thanks for the great info!


Wretha said...

Hmmm, we left the DFW area for the desert/mountains of west Texas, so we are still in Texas, just in a very different area. We feel very fortunate that we were able to get out and find such a good place for us, I would say that getting into a smaller community would be a safer place to be, the sooner you could become part of that community the better, so that when TSHTF, you would be "in" with people that you could pull together with and be able to help and protect each other. Hope that makes sense, anyhoo, that's my advice and what we did.


riverwalker said...

To: wretha

I also live in a small community, with plans to move to an even smaller one if necessary. I am also involved in local activities in that smaller community and have numerous relatives and friends there. I think things could get really messy in the bigger cities(50,000+) if things go bad.

Smaller communities will have a lot of the infrastructure in place that will be needed to further your chances of making it if the SHTF.

Thanks a lot wretha for your input.


Unknown said...

Well up here in Mass gas is now $3.83 for cash, +6cents for credit. I haven't seen any shortages of food, gas, etc. I've kept my trips to BJ's (the local version of costco)small, and haven't seen anyone stocking up.

At the 2 gun shops I visit, I have not seen any out of the ordinary influx of expensive guns. Yahd (how we say "yard")sales are all over the place, but I haven't caught any deals at them. People expect you to by their crap at top dollar.

Flea markets have about 25% more traffic than last year. and 50% more dealers.

Tons and tons of houses for sale, and plenty of places to rent Houses that would go in 1 day 2 years ago have been on the market for 6+ months. I have not seen any additional big ticket items for sale than normal, but then again, Winter hasn't set in yet. Home heating oil is now $4.95 gallon up from $3.54 last year. That's going to HURT if we have a rough winter.

Nearly all people are asleep up here in the NE, Most of Mass has their collective panties wet in anticipation of Obammy winning in Nov.

riverwalker said...

To: natog

Those heating oil prices are gonna hurt when it gets cold! Thanks for the input!


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