Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Riverwalker’s Gear - UST Bug Tent and Tarp - Emergency Shelter Combo for Your Daypack

Normally on a day hike, you don’t really think about carrying shelter. The weather in Texas can fool you and it usually means someone is going to get wet. Although temperatures stay fairly warm through most of the year, there is a big chance of getting caught in a rainstorm. You might also want to stay out overnight if your sightseeing kept you from completing the entire hike you had planned.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Base Bug Tent

Ultimate Survival Technologies Base All Weather Tent Tarp

The UST Bug Tent and Tarp make a great lightweight addition to your day pack. It will work to keep you dry (drier?) until the rain lets up or give you a place to rest without feeding those blood-sucking mosquitoes all night. These work great for use as an emergency shelter when day hiking. 

The tent poles can be easily folded and strapped to the side of your pack. You can also opt to carry the tarp only. I also carry a small nylon tarp to use as a ground cloth (see pic) to protect a lightweight sleeping bag that I also carry. With a little food and a full water reservoir, my day pack weighs slightly less than 15 pounds on average. Regular backpacking or a colder climate would require something more substantial. My regular backpacking bag runs about twice the weight of my day pack (30 to 32 pounds).

It’s a lightweight combination that can be easily carried in your day pack and be there if you need it. Never hurts to have a backup plan in case nature decides to hand you a different set of circumstances on a sunny day.

Got shelter?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Now THAT looks very interesting! If its one thing south Texas has, its bugs, some that have a nasty bite / sting. So its contained space for us, a bug net wrapped around hammock is a good solution. I like this one as well - thanks for the review.

Tracy said...

Could you post a link to this combination?

riverwalker said...

To: anon 7:26

A lot of times it get very warm and doesn't cool off much at night...don't really need a tent. The bugs (mosquitoes) will tear you up at night. The tarp helps if you get a sudden rain.

This is a light enough combo for my day pack...just in case.

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: Tracy

Check the sidebar for a link on Amazon to the UST Tarp and Bug Tent.


Tracy said...

I must be blind because I am not seeing anything in the sidebar for UST anything. Even tried ctrl+f and 2 browsers and still nothing.

riverwalker said...


I put links in the post itself under the pictures.

There is still a link in the sidebar...just above Survival Medicine.



Tracy said...

Thank you. It looks like my work blocks the amazon iframe. Thanks for posting the links.

Jon said...

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Linda Fairy said...

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