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The Benefits of Using Airsoft Guns for Shooting Practice

While the politics and opinions of gun ownership continue to be debated, one aspect that remains constant is the most important factor regarding owning a firearm: safety. The safety of gun ownership is mostly expressed though firearm storage and handling the weapon properly. Learning how to correctly control, aim and fire a gun and maintaining these skills are the difference between responsible gun owners and everyone else. Regardless of the purpose of possession, whether for safety, hunting, survivalist or hobby, regular shooting practice is a must.

In recent years, heading to the range has become increasingly difficult due to a practice ammunition shortage. This has increased the cost of ammunition has made maintaining one’s shooting skills inaccessible for many of the population. The solution for many has been airsoft guns, which use plastic pellets for ammunition for shooting practice.

What target practice used to look like

Cost-Effective and Convenient Option

The difference between training ammunition used for real guns and airsoft versions can be measured in dollars, not pennies, per round. Thousands of quality plastic pellet rounds can be bought for less than ten dollars. Compare this to twenty dollars for only fifty real rounds. These price differences dictate that the price of purchasing a new airsoft gun will be offset within a few practice sessions. Cheaper practice sessions represent more frequent training and increase comfort and safety with a firearm.

Another benefit to the wallet and schedule of utilizing airsoft guns is the ammunition does not require one to travel to a shooting range. These danger free rounds allow gun owners to perform target practice in their garages or backyards. This eliminates range fees and travel making frequent shooting practice and increased safety extremely convenient and affordable.

Realistic Practice

Today’s airsoft guns are far from the kid’s toys they used to have a reputation for and many are now almost exact replicas of almost every available handgun and rifle on the market today. They have the same look, weight and feel of the real versions. In addition, the airsoft adaptation can utilize the same accessories and fit in the same holster as a true firearm.

Depending on the type of airsoft firearm, much of the function of the real version can be maintained as well. Spring action versions are the least expensive but are also the least realistic and have a slow reload speed. Automatic electric guns are more representative of automatic or semi-automatic firearms with their quick reloading but lack the break and recoil feeling of pulling the trigger. The best airsoft guns and rifles are the gas blow back versions that are as close to the real thing that isn't a real firearm. Though they are the most expensive option, they share the same inexpensive ammunition as the other two types.

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for anyone

Airsoft firearms have become so realistic they are commonly used by military and police forces for safety demonstration, target practice and even tactical training. The airsoft allows these essential services to mimic any situation they may face at a fraction of the cost and much more safely than using live rounds. The best gun instructors around the country are strongly pushing their students to include airsoft training to supplement live and dry fire training to become comfortable with their weapon.

Safety First

All of these benefits add up to the most important part of gun ownership, safety. A lifelike replica airsoft allows rehearsal of every aspect of handling a firearm. The exact same precautions utilized with the real version can be applied to the airsoft. Splurging for the blow back gas airsoft guns and rifles allows for an authentic shooting experience that directly translates to the true variety.

The only gun safer than an airsoft

The ammunition is safer as well. Small plastic pellets carry a proportion of the danger and cost of real bullets. Daily practice in the garage or backyard can occur with less concern of tragic consequences to others and the wallet. Frequent, real world training that increases confidence and skill is a benefit of airsoft firearms that make them an essential accessory of any gun owner.

This article was written by an Editor for Airsoft RC . Airsoft RC has a wide selection of airsoft guns for both enthusiasts and beginners.

Staying above the water line!



Ed Vaisvilas said...

Good points. I have a few CO2 BB/Pellet handguns and rifles. Been thinking about getting an Airsoft, as well.

A word of caution, though.

Just last week, an overzealous rookie cop shot and killed a guy who was sitting in his car, unpackaging a newly purchased airsoft gun...with orange tip, and all!

Christiano Martin said...

Perfectly well said mate. Just loved this..this is quite brilliant. I bought my first handgun a few months ago — a dual airsoft m4 (— and have been taking defensive handgun classes at the U.S. Shooting Academy. One thing I quickly discovered is that firearm training gets really expensive, really fast. First there’s the range time you need to pay for, but what really kills you is the ammo. Holy smokes, that stuff was like gold for awhile. I saw places selling 9mm ammo for $1.50 a round. Anyways thanks a lot for this article. Carry on mate.

martinairsoftmegastore said...

I believe besides what we call "irresponsible usage" of these guns, it should also be noted that there's widespread "irresponsible carriage" of the gun as well. Just now I came across a post questioning the paranoia of authorities regarding the civilians carrying airsoft guns just as a hobby. I mean why would we even need to just roam around with a pistol or firearm thats an exact replica of a real firearm in spite of knowing about the serious mishaps it can lead to?

scott edvin said...

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Jennifer Anderson said...

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Dr Smith said...

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Firearms Safety Training Classes said...

The only benefit I got using the airsoft gun is that it is relatively cheaper and hence affordable. I bought one for my daughter on her 8th birthday. She enjoys target shooting with it.

Gunner Jacky said...

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maurice dudeley said...

Great post!
I find Airsoft as an effective way of honing one's skills in shooting that you can use in many different field.

Arlo Cade said...

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