Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hugging the Canyon Wall

When the polar express heads into South Central Texas, RW, Jr. and myself found the best way to avoid the wind chill and frozen temperatures is to do a little day hiking in the canyons of Southern Arizona.  So we grabbed some gear and headed to southern Arizona and warmer temps for a few days.

We hiked about half a mile to a switchback , we then hiked about half a mile up on the switchback (with an elevation gain of approximately 400 feet) to get to a trail that ran along the ridge of the canyon wall. Temperature was a comfortable 69 degrees. Total elevation ranged from 3500 to 4000 feet along the trail.

Not exactly the "Throne of the Mountain King" but it was as close as we could find.

There was a great view of the canyon floor which had a stream fed by mountain snow melt and numerous rock formations visible along the entire length of the trail. RW, Jr. was testing some new gear prior to an upcoming trip to Colorado that he has planned. I was also checking out a new Camelbak Rim Runner Hydration Backpack that was a recent addition to my hiking gear. All our gear worked great and the only problem was a zipper that snagged on the lining of a pocket on RW, Jr.’s jacket. He did manage to un-snag it after a good deal of effort on his part.

RW, Jr. also took some great video along the trail while he was doing his “Les Stroud” camera thing. This was a little difficult on the narrow trail. Google had a problem with loading the video but I will try to post it at a later date. Put in another pic instead.

Took a rest break along the trail and enjoyed the view for a while.

The incredible views and warm temperatures made for a very pleasant and enjoyable day hike. We set a very leisurely pace and hiked a little less than five miles along the ridge of the canyon.

Got canyon day hike?

As usual, RW was....

Staying way above the water line!


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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had, thank you for the pictures. Even south Texas got pretty cool, with rain / drizzle for two weeks straight. Made for some cold deer hunting that was for sure.

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