Saturday, May 18, 2013

Survival Knots - The Tautline Hitch

One of the most useful knots in an outdoor environment is the tautline hitch. These knots are extremely handy in securing tarps or tents being used for shelter in an outdoor environment. Like most hitches, it is easily tied and untied (once the load is removed) but allows you to keep your tarp or tent secure, especially in windy conditions. Learning to tie and use a tautline hitch will help to keep your tent or tarp from becoming just another kite in the sky.  

The tautline hitch makes it easy to adjust the tension on lines being used to secure your shelter. It slides easily for adjustment and will then hold firm once a load has been placed on it. 

The tautline hitch works just as easily when taking down your shelter. Once the load has been removed, it can be moved easily to give you slack in the line which allows it to be untied easily.

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to tie a tautline hitch:

Got survival knots?
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Dustin Tarditi said...

Very useful knot - thanks for the series. I like the link to the how-to, also! ;-)

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