Monday, February 18, 2013

Riverwalker’s Book Review - SAS Guide to Desert Survival

From the introduction to the final page with the Five Golden Rules of Survival, the SAS Guide to Desert Survival by Barry Davies covers the major factors that can affect your survival. This is a compact guide to surviving not only in a desert environment but a comprehensive guide that covers all the basic items and more that will be needed for your survival.

The contents are broken down into not only the basic requirements for shelter, water, food, and fire but also include helpful tips about the equipment you will need, medical priorities, and survival medicine.

It’s also compact enough to fit easily in your backpack or bug-out bag but where space may be at a premium. With over 150 pages of comprehensive information, it is presented in a useful format that allows anyone to access needed information quickly and effortlessly. This is one item that should be included in every backpack.

While the book gives many useful and worthwhile tips for survival in an extreme desert environment (or Texas summers), it also contains a wealth of additional survival information that is suitable for both the novice and the more experienced outdoorsman. This is information which could play a critical part in your survival.

From knots to fire-making techniques, the SAS Desert Guide to Survival is full of useful tips and plenty of illustrations to guide you in your quest for survival. It’s also available at a very affordable price that won’t wreck your budget or break your piggy bank.

Got heat?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

We'll give it a look - Thanks Riverwalker.

jenny said...

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