Thursday, January 3, 2013

We’re gonna need more bullets.

In light of recent events, all the talk about new gun control measures has sparked the sale of firearms to all-time, record high levels. Unfortunately, with an increase in firearms purchases comes an increased need for ammunition for those firearms. It is important to remember that a rifle without ammunition is little more than a fancy stick and can quickly become little more than a club and a pistol becomes a poor substitute for a hammer.

A quick check of almost any outlet selling ammunition will show that the stock of ammunition seems to be drying up faster than a stock pond in the August heat. It is extremely unfortunate that responsible gun ownership may be crippled by the simple fact decent supplies of ammunition are quickly disappearing off the shelves. 

The simple truth of the matter is quite plain...

We’re gonna need more bullets.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

If you haven't already stocked up by now, you've been snoozing too soundly. If the past 4 years have been any indication, a lot of insomnia has been going on.

I clearly remember price gouging in earlier crisis, the primer shortage in the early 1990s', the prices of full capacity magazines quadrupling during the Clinton years.

Crazy times.

Anonymous said...

High capacity mags don't mean shit without ammo.
Get a good bolt action deer rifle and stack your ammo high.

riverwalker said...

It seems that with every crisis there is a shortage of some kind that develops. Panic buying can be a very real problem.


Bottom Feeder said...

Thats the reason I went with the ,45 lc/.410 chamberings in a pistol and a rifled carbine. Both the commanche and the carbine can shoot about anything you stuff into the barrels. with wax slugs trick, turns bird shot into safety slugs with both good penetration and accuracy. They are both field re-loadable too with a wide range of loads. even some good black powder ones. add to my remington new army cap and ball, also in the .45 caliber and a .45 cal hawken gun, makes resupply easier. cast slugs and balls will fit all the .45 long colts, leaving me my choice to reload the .410 with. my preferred load for the .410 is daisy steel .177 bb's in a wax matrix. It's a hard to beat combination for either hunting, or defense.

Anonymous said...

If I had the money, meaning when I do, I have been thinking of acquiring an oddball like 7mm-08 just to keep shooting during these panics.

Nobody is buying up all the .22-250, .260, 7mm-08, etc, etc. Just something I noticed during these panics. The same applies to handguns as 10mm Auto is still sitting on the shelves as well as .357sig, etc, etc.


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