Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gear Storage Tips - Proper Storage of Body Armor

Many times gear is not always needed on an everyday basis. This is when the proper storage of your gear can become a critical factor. Failure to properly store your gear when not in use can cause problems later when it may be needed. Many times it is only a matter of knowing the proper method of storage to keep your gear in safe working condition.

The proper storage of body armor can increase its performance and lengthen its useful life. There are certain storage requirements that generally apply to most types of body armor. Following these simple guidelines will help you prevent unnecessary damage to your body armor.

Body Armor Storage Tips

1. Always store your body armor flat.

2. Always remove hard plates from tactical body armor before placing it in storage.

3. Never store your body armor if it is moist or damp. Make sure it is dry before storing.

4. Never store your body armor loose in a vehicle or closet. Use a suitable container that will afford extra protection.

5. Never store heavy objects or other gear items on top of your body armor.

Treating your gear properly and with respect is important to get the maximum value from your equipment. Specialized equipment, such as body armor, can be expensive to replace. It’s a lot easier to put a little effort into the proper storage and necessary maintenance. It also doesn’t hurt to inspect gear that is in storage on a regular basis for proper working condition. By doing so, you can avoid any unwanted surprises.

Got body armor storage?

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Gorges Smythe said...

Ain't even GOT any body armor! (And probably won't get any.)

Wilson said...

Good advice on a rarely addressed subject. I don't have any (yet) but when I do I'll keep this in mind.

Anonymous said...

This might be a good place to remind everyone of the DIY desicant waaaay down there on the home page here on blog.

Good topic, I rarely ever read anything of vest storage. Thanks for bringing this up.

riverwalker said...

To: Gorges

It wasn't a big priority on my list.
Due to my work, I was able to get a couple of units in good shape and at an affordable for me and one for Mrs. RW.

If the opportunity hadn't presented itself, I probably wouldn't have any either.

Thanks Gorges.


riverwalker said...

To: Wilson

Although not an actual part of the ERT at work and not having to worry about wearing specialized gear, I'm still in charge when and if they need to be called out. Just good to know how to keep your equipment in shape.

If things get really bad, it will be a good item to have available.

Thanks Wilson.


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 6:53

While it's not a piece of gear that most people have, it doesn't hurt as a reminder to properly store and maintain your gear...regardless of the type of gear.

Thanks anon.


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