Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Makes a Good LED Flashlight?

Ever wondered what sets a quality LED flashlight apart from the rest? Hint: It’s not necessarily the lumens. The following graphic explores the key ingredients to a good LED beam and how to spot one.


Staying above the water line!



Machinist said...

Good points. Some of the high lumen output ratings are meaningless because the reflectors are too small or are not good enough quality.

I have replaced all of my flashlights with LEDs and I am a big fan. I have over twenty of them ranging from small units to ones using two D cells and putting out 200 lumens.

One of the most important features is the switch. Unlike the old incandescent lights the switch on LED lights is complex and the fault rate on on cheap ones is high. Most work well enough to look right but many of those "leak" current causing the batteries to run down over a few weeks. I have at least five that do this. They are still useful as they can have batteries installed when needed and they will last through most emergencies but they can't be kept with batteries in them unless one is turned around requiring that it be turned when the light is needed. The lights I have found to be the best balance between quality and value is Coleman. I have five of them and all have been excellent and give good performance.

The ones I have all are in the twenty to twenty five dollar range, though the line is extensive. I prefer these to all cheaper ones and most that are more expensive.

riverwalker said...

To: Machinist

I've had similar problems with battery power drain. I've been using small plastic tabs to break the circuit...just remove the tabs when I need to use it.

I keep my best ones in my BOB's and carry a compact but powerful LED flashlight for EDC. Keep a bunch of LED flashlights on hand and have some stashed in every room...just in case.

I really like the increased battery life without having to sacrifice any substantial amount of light.

Thanks Machinist.


Anonymous said...

My favorite LED has been the 9V PAL light. It is pretty dim if you need high light for precise tasks, but for general camping use, its pretty nice. What I particularly like is the locator beacon (always on as long as battery is juiced) is often enough to use as is without having to turn it on. Its shape is pocketable without getting lost. Battery life is approximately 2 years before it burns out (depending on use of course).

All in all - nice flashlight.

My wife loves her Streamlight Nano, great keyring flashlight.

Y'all Ready said...

I like this flashlight http:/ because it has 7 LED lights and is solar powered. Easy to recharge... just lay it in the sun for a few hours. No extra batteries to carry around when we go on our hikes. I don't know how many lumens it has but it is very bright. I have ordered one for everyone in the family and a few extra.

athena said...

There is no doubt that LED flashlights are one of the best. I've got one that is incredibly efficient and durable.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

best survival flashlight said...

Wow this infographic rocks. Thanks for the share! I've added it to my pintrest.

Barbie Chiu said...

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