Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Riverwalker's Pics - Smoker Snake

It seems that brisket isn't the only thing you can find in a smoker.

Imagine my surprise when this offset smoker was opened.

Here's a close-up of the small rat snake in the smoker.

This off-set smoker was picked up in a trade which required me to haul it off. It was in their way and they just wanted to get rid of it. Sometimes you get a little extra when bartering. It was in a really bad mood and it took a while to coax the rat snake out of the smoker. It was probably in the process of shedding it's skin. The eyes had an opaque and milky-colored covering that seem to indicate it was in the first stages of shedding its skin. It also didn't like the fact that it had been disturbed in its resting place. It had apparently been eating good in the neighborhood since there was a large rat's nest inside the smoker. 

A check of the area didn't take long to find some snake food.

Even though rat snakes aren't poisonous, they can inflict a painful bite that could result in a serious infection. This one was sent slithering away under a nearby storage building once it was convinced to leave the smoker. The snake food ran under the same storage building...not the best choice for survival in my opinion. 

Got smoker snake?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Mr. No Shoulders gives me the willies, it matters not if poisonous or not. I let them live though.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:10

They can give you sure give you a start if you're not expecting them.

Thanks anon.


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