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Simple Home Security - Developing a Strategy to Strengthen Your Security

Security is not a one time and you are done activity. It should be a part of your family’s daily routine in order to constantly monitor and assess the risks to your security. Conditions and circumstances can change quickly on an everyday basis as well as in a crisis. These changes can alter your security requirements and your ability to maintain a secure and safe environment for you and your family. You will need to have a strategy in place to take these factors into account in order for appropriate measures to be put into effect in a timely and efficient manner.

Effective security requires a strategy that will determine the areas you are most vulnerable in and have a plan in place to restore your security to effective levels. Each person should analyze their specific needs and determine the amount of resources available or what items or actions may be required to maintain their specific security levels. Developing an effective strategy for your security will help you minimize the existing vulnerabilities in your security levels and will allow you to establish a contingency plan in advance. Taking a “wait and see what happens” attitude may not be in the best interests of you and your family.

Most security systems involve numerous mechanical and physical deterrents in order to keep things secure. Unfortunately, mechanical things break and then they will no longer function in the proper manner in which they were intended to provide protection. If the lock breaks on your door, do you have a spare available? Or is your plan to get another one in the morning and hope that “would be burglar” waits till tomorrow night to test the locks on your door. It may be something as simple as a broken window due to a rock from the lawn mower or an errant baseball that found its target unintentionally. A simple broken window could leave you in a much more vulnerable state. You may not even realize the window is broken if you don’t check things on a regular basis. Do you have the resources available or a strategy in place to restore the security of your home if something of this nature happens?

The resources that may be needed to restore your security to a proper level could be as simple as an extra sheet of plywood stored in the garage, a spare deadbolt for your door or an extra light bulb for an outdoor security light. Quite often it is only a simple process to make effective repairs that will help maintain a proper level of security for your home.

Developing a Strategy to Strengthen Your Security

1. Check your risk levels and any areas in which your security may be vulnerable on a frequent basis.

2. Make needed repairs as quickly as possible to areas that have a direct effect on your security.

3. Make any necessary or required changes to your security as soon as possible to minimize your risks and increase your security.

4. Inform all family members of the importance of reporting any situations that may affect the security of your home.

Simple home security is often determined by not only what we do to make things safer but by what we have we do in order to maintain that level of safety and security.

Got security strategy?

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Survivor Mike said...

Love point #4 about informing your family about keeping your home secure. You can build all sorts of security measures in but if your family doesn't utilize them, it's all for naught.

Really enjoying the blog.

riverwalker said...

To: Survivor Mike

Point #4 should probably been listed first...

Everyone needs to make sure to include all their family members to make sure everything stays secure.

Thanks Mike.


Fernando said...

Having a home security system installed will help improve the security of your personal property. But to have lasting peace of mind, we should orient our family members on what to do in drastic situations. Being prepared will keep us ahead of risks that might affect our family’s welfare. If you can afford the time, try to conduct emergency drills every once in a while to sharpen your family’s ability to react to specific stimuli efficiently and instantly.

Fernando Severns

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