Sunday, December 18, 2011

Riverwalker's Gear Pics - H&R Tamer .410 Shotgun

Snake Charmer

This is a versatile and lightweight shotgun that makes an excellent camp gun. It's a break open (single shot) .410 gauge shotgun that features an automatic shell ejection system. It has a barrel length of 20 inches and an overall length of slightly more than 34 inches. It also has a matte-finish nickel receiver and barrel with a synthetic stock. The synthetic stock also has an integrated shell holder that allows additional rounds to be carried quite easily. It has a full choke with a 3 inch chamber and weighs in at only 6 pounds. The shotgun scabbard shown in the above picture is an optional accessory that wasn't included with the shotgun. 

Got snake charmer?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Yep, but mine eats 20 gauge ammo, its good to go with a very weather resistant finish that should last and last. I like .410s also, but the cost of it and easier availability of 20 swayed me on that side. Nothing against the .410, I'm a fan as well.

I carry it in a children's baseball bat case, plenty of room for some extra ammo - it is pretty grey man (innocent appearing). Installed one of those barrel mount florescent filament beads on it for faster sight aquisition, forget the manufacturers name, but it clamps around the barrel. Pretty inexpensive, maybe $10 - $15?

Simple single shots aren't very glitzy, but put food on the table very easily. With the finish on these, be a natural for a boat gun.

One Fly said...

I could probably use a couple. Always liked 20 gauge as well. .410 ammo costs. There's a Savage o/u 20g 22mag in the corner but if I could and was going to buy a gun on a whim it would be a double barrel .410 you betcha!

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 6:04

I've got a 20 gauge single shot also but it's used as my truck gun.

This is one of two .410 H&R shotguns in my collection and is my pack gun or camp gun (whichever you prefer). This one is pretty impervious to the effects of the weather unlike my other one which has a nice wooden stock.

This H&R Tamer also breaks down with the removal of a single screw...a really nice feature for a pack(or BOB)gun.

I've taken my share of doves over the years with one of these little .410's.

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: One Fly

Got both 20 gauge and .410...both are excellent. I also have my share of 12 gauge shotguns.

Unlike the 20 gauge or 12 gauge variety, these little H&R .410 shotguns with their lighter weight can actually be fired one-handed (much like a pistol) quite easily...this can be a good thing if both hands aren't available due to an injury.

RW, Jr. has a Stevens side-by-side double-barrel .410 that he won't part with no matter what.

Thanks One Fly.


Anonymous said...

.410s are pretty neat camp or woods wandering guns. Their small frame and light recoil / report are pleasant to shoot in single shots, 12s can really get your attention! As in kicks like a Missouri mule . . .

One tip I'll pass along, those inexpensive reading glass cases at dollar stores hold about 5 - 6 .410 shells, a handy place to keep them in your pocket. I know the H&R has the butt ammo holder, I was thinking of other .410s.

Its funny, my first shotgun was a Savage 94Y, purchased by Dad when I was 8 or 9. I'm nearing 50 and find myself going back to the .410.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 5:44

Great tip! Thanks.

I have a butt cuff that can be slid over the synthetic stock. It's a bit of a stretch though (lol). Got some other simple mods for this Tamer model that makes it an even better camp gun...plan on posting those later.

Thanks again anon.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the stock for the gun?

riverwalker said...

To: anon 10:59

The stock is factory for this model. You may be able to get a factory replacement and put it on a different model of .410 but I'm not sure if it's available separately.


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