Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Survival Gear Mods - H&R Tamer .410 Shotgun - Tip #1

The H&R Tamer .410 shotgun makes a great pack gun. With a simple DIY gear mod, it can be made even more versatile. Although it breaks down easily into two basic components, it does require the removal of a single screw from the forend. To make this an easier task, all you have to do is substitute a ¼” wing nut for the screw on the forend.

Once this is done you won’t need a tool for the removal of the screw on the forend. Cost for this survival gear mod was less than a dollar for a ¼” wing nut. Now my H&R .410 Tamer can be taken down and reassembled without using any tools other than my hand.

Survival is all about keeping things simple.

Got simple survival gear mods?

Staying above the water line!



CoolChange©© said...

I like this one! And this can be applied to a multitude of break down gear. Very cool.

chinasyndrome said...

Cheap an effective! Happy New Year RW!


riverwalker said...

To: CoolChange

As you stated, this mod works well for a lot of equipment...not just a pack gun.

Thanks CC.


BTW, Happy New Year!

riverwalker said...

To: chinasyndrome

I prefer inexpensive simple gear mods. They do a lot less damage to the wallet.

Happy New Year CS!


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