Sunday, October 16, 2011

Riverwalker's Pics - Riverwalkers


Staying above the water line!



jambaloney said...

mallard ducks are awesome - lots to learn from them..

i love your nature posts rw, i always feel the sentiment.

thank you!

Josh said...

Good picture. I notice that the male on the right doesn't have a white ring around his neck, and it looks like his whole head and neck aren't green like a mallard usually is. I wonder if it's not a hybrid mallard and a black duck (or something similar).

riverwalker said...

To: jambaloney

There's a lot to enjoy and learn from nature. Sometimes you just need to appreciate the things around you.



riverwalker said...

To; Josh

Not quite sure if it's a hybrid but may be. I do know there are a lot of black ducks in my area...even got a a few black ducks that take up residence in one of my trees each year on a regular basis.

Thanks Josh.


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