Thursday, October 6, 2011

Riverwalker's Pics - Lily Pads

 It seems there are a lot of things in nature that are...

Staying above the water line!



kymber said...

i love lily pads - like i loove the crap out of them and always have! is it because they always stay above the water line - is that why i love them so much?

RW - please explain!

your friend,

riverwalker said...

To; kymber

Not sure about that why you like them so much but they are unique and interesting plants.

I'm always looking for things in nature that are fascinating and different...helps you give you a new perspective on things.

Thanks kymber.


jambaloney said...

i love lily-pads too. i agree with rw - they really are unique plants and so many different sizes, shapes and flowers.

i have seen sooo many of them fishing and they make me feel at home.

thanks for sharing rw, good memories for me - cheers!

riverwalker said...

To; jambaloney

Having a little respect and admiration for all the different things that are found in nature is a good thing.



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