Saturday, September 24, 2011

Riverwalker's Gear Pics - Gerber Classic Multi-Tool

Although it is one of the earlier versions of a Gerber Multi-tool, it is still functional and works quite well when needed. Even though it is no longer used for my EDC, it remains a favored piece of gear and has its own spot in my tool box.

Got classic gear?

Staying above the water line!



One Fly said...

I carry one of the big Leathermans at work only because it was a gift. it's a huge overkill.

I must have and always carry a knife. If I had to fly I believe you can't have a knife along. That would really piss me off cuz I'd have to buy one when I got to where I was going.

I ask people all the time how they get along in life without a knife and am completely serious about that.

Ken said...

...yep,an original one too ya got there RW...priceless... fly,i've lived by the mantra of never trust anyone that don't carry a knife...i carry two

riverwalker said...

To: One Fly

I've got a big multi-tool that is normally kept in my truck...way too much to carry at work.

A good knife is one of those must have items for EDC.

Thanks my friend.


riverwalker said...

To: Ken

It's pinched my fingers a few times but has gotten me out of a "pinch" quite a few times.

I carry the new multi-sport version now...saves me from getting pinched. lol

I too have a tendency for overkill when it comes to carrying a knife...small pocket folder, large pocket folder and a small fixed blade is usually the norm for me but keep others handy in the truck.

Although better versions are available, I still hang onto it.

Thanks Ken.


Josh said...

One Fly:

I must have and always carry a knife. If I had to fly I believe you can't have a knife along. That would really piss me off cuz I'd have to buy one when I got to where I was going.

Have you never been on an airplane? Not in this century certainly... Anyway, if you ever find yourself needing to get on one of those metal flying contraptions, you might just consider putting your knife in your checked baggage and retrieving it after reaching your destination. It seems a more reasonable alternative than buying a new one when you land and then, presumably, throwing it away before boarding for the return trip.

I have one of the original Leatherman Supertools – what an unwieldy monstrosity! I found it a couple of days ago buried in the center console of my car; I had forgotten it was there. It’s since been replaced by Leatherman Waves. One usually stays in the car, and one stays in my laptop backpack which usually goes with me if I’m going anywhere besides down the street to the grocery store. The more modern designs are really a huge improvement over those early models!

Anonymous said...

I own a variety of multi-tools because I'm somewhat of a knife nut :^). The original Leatherman Tool is more compact than the current Wave or Surge, but it lacks the refinements that time given the latter. The Blast is a super simplified Original. The Squirt S4 is a fantastic little one, the original scissors on that model totally rock! I rate it above the Micra.

In Gerber, a Suspension and Pro 600 (the one with the extra bits) are my only Gerber multi-tools.

riverwalker said...

To: Josh

Got a few multi-tools stashed in various places and they always seem to "pop up" when needed.

Thanks for the tip about packing it in your luggage...seems the least expensive way when flying.



riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:49

Got a couple of Gerber's with the extra tool bits...comes in handy at times.

I've got one of those "monster multi-tools" myself and you don't forget it's on your weighs a bunch.

Thanks anon.


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