Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple Survival Gear Mods - Sticks for Survival - The Stealth Survival Stick

Sticks can be modified in numerous ways that will allow them to suit your needs. There may be those of you who prefer the more traditional look of a hiking or walking stick. You don't want a pouch attached or need a hook on the end but you would still like to be able to carry those few little extras...just in case. You also don't want everyone to know about any little extras you might be carrying. Here's an idea that can help you make a "Stealth Survival Stick".

A short piece of 3/4 " PVC pipe and a few fittings are all you need to make a handle for your hiking stick that will give you additional storage space for those "little extras" you might wish to carry. They won't be as obvious to anyone as items attached to your stick where they can be easily seen.  In this case, one 3/4" PVC pipe cap, two 3/4" PVC fittings with 3/4" threads and one reducer that was 1" by 3/4", a good stick that was 3/4" in diameter and a little glue were all that was needed. The inside dimensions of the reducer were pretty close to the size of the stick that was used. A little sanding on the end gave it a good snug fit. The other two fittings went on the short piece of 3/4" PVC pipe and the 3/4" pipe cap went on the top. A little paracord wrap was added to the handle to give it a little better grip and it was good to go.


Here's a view of the finished handle with paracord. It was measured in order to fit my hand and to give it a comfortable grip. The top cap can be unscrewed to allow access to the inside storage for those "extras". 

You can also unscrew the complete handle from the stick with this configuration. This allows the handle  to be used as an emergency container (with gear items removed). Other than a somewhat different handle than people may be used to seeing, it simply looks like a plain old hiking stick. Your hiking stick will remain fairly sturdy as well.

Surprisingly, you can store an awful lot of stuff in the handle storage compartment. You might want to wrap your gear items in a bandanna or something similar before placing them in the handle to keep down the noise that can be caused by the "rattle factor".

Got "Stealth Survival Stick"?

Staying above the water line!



Ken said...

...good one,is like the big ones i got cached...only smaller...lol
...o-rings to make it water tight and accessible???(my big ones are tef-taped or glued shut)

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Mrs. RW likes this version better. My other stick with a pouch and a hook is a lot bigger and heavier. She said this one looks really "nice" and is something she would probably like to use.

I'm working on a different handle version for Lil' RW to use...one with removal kit storage that is watertight.

The nice thing about sticks is that there are a wide variety of modifications that you can make to suit your individual needs.

Eventually, I'd like to combine the different features into the "ultimate stick".

Thanks Ken.


Anonymous said...

Very cool project - thanks for the write up.

Changing up the subject, did you see that Stik stool product? Its lightweight hiking staff that can be taken down to configure to a stool - pretty nice for the outdoors! Costs $30 plus s&h.


Not trying to advertise the item, just making people aware of its existence. Feel free to drop if you want.

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