Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY Survival Gear - The Brass Firesteel Holder

Many times there are simple modifications that can be made to your gear to make it easier to use. One of the handiest and most inexpensive pieces of gear is a firesteel. They are compact, lightweight and virtually indispensable when it comes to starting a fire. This makes them a great piece of gear for your first aid kits, survival kits or your BOB. They also make a great EDC item that fits easily in your pocket.

Larger firesteels often come with a handle to allow you a better grip. The smaller plain firesteels normally don’t have anything to give you a good grip on your firesteel. The medium size firesteels which are pretty inexpensive and are just a couple of dollars over at and are small enough to fit in almost any kit. By doing a simple DIY modification, you can add a brass firesteel holder to your firesteel. Using spent .22 cartridges, a little J-B weld, Gorilla glue, etc. and a small firesteel is all it takes. Simply add a little J-B weld mixture, Gorilla glue, etc. to the spent .22 cartridge and insert one end of your firesteel into the cartridge case. Let it set for a while and you are done. You now have a brass holder on your firesteel.

This gives you the ability to hold your firesteel between your thumb and forefinger without it slipping. It doesn’t add any significant weight to your firesteel and won’t affect its performance.

Got brass grip on your firesteel?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Thats a good idea, especially with rimfire which is not reloadable (well, not easily anyway). I've got another idea for a firesteel handle that might work too.

Trip wire or other thin cordage is pretty handy to have. Doesn't need to be military issue, even the cheap wire at the dollar store will come in handy.

You can Gorilla Glue a sewing bobbin hub (or two if you like) onto one end, and have a place to wind that cordage onto it. One bobbin will take approximately 60 feet of trip wire.

Another nice thing about the bobbin - it is already perforated, so an snap ring can be attached and carried around your neck as well.

Or maybe you would prefer fishing line or other cordage. Regardless of material, this is a handy way to keep this on your person.

Double Tapper said...

I like it! Where do I get the flit by itself?

Anonymous said...

Plenty of places, but try, they seem to have decent prices.

riverwalker said...

To: Double Tapper

I put a link to in the post and a link to the actual firesteel that was used.



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