Sunday, May 22, 2011

Survival Gear Bags - Important Qualities for a Gear Bag

One of the primary requirements for your survival gear is storage. Storage that is portable is even better. A good gear bag will allow you to carry  your gear so that it will be available when needed. You will want to have the best gear bag possible to store items you may need for your survival and it must function well in several critical areas.

Qualities Needed for a Gear Bag.

1. A gear bag should be constructed of a durable material that will not be easily ripped of torn. This will prevent the loss of needed items. It should also be water-resistant to give your gear an additional measure of protection from the weather.

2. A gear bag should have good quality, heavy duty zippers. Pockets or compartments with broken zippers won’t keep much of anything stored securely or may hinder access when items are needed if the zipper gets stuck.

3. A gear bag should have both a handle and a shoulder strap to give you different options for carrying your gear bag. The shoulder strap should also be detachable to allow it to be used for other purposes when needed.

4. A gear bag should have multiple compartments in a variety of sizes. This will allow it to accommodate the different size gear you may need to carry. This should also include a flat pocket to store maps, contact information, first aid instructions, etc. that allows quick and easy access to needed information without the need to unpack your gear.

5. A gear bag should also have a main storage compartment of a size that will fit larger items of gear you may be planning to carry.   

Gear bags also come in a combination of types that include:

A. Soft-sided gear bag - This allows the gear bag to conform more easily to the storage space that may be available when not in use or if storage space becomes critical.

B. Hard bottom gear bag - This type of gear bag will normally have a hard and durable bottom section that affords an additional measure of protection for your gear. This is especially desirable if its primary use will be in an outdoor environment.

A gear bag that is durable, offers good storage options, has the necessary qualities to protect your gear while still allowing quick and easy access and in a size that will accommodate your needed items will be a critical factor in a crisis or a disaster.

Got gear bag?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I have a bag almost identical to the one you show,but its black vinyl,made for a camcorder.Lotsa space and compartments,and being vinyl,waterproof! I got it at goodwill for 3 bucks! I also have a Camelpack,a canteen/backpack type thing,with lots of pockets,that I used racing dirt bikes.Just remember not to put hard stuff in it,as you might rip the canteen if you crash the bike.And it hurts if you land on it.Don't ask how I know!
Dean in az

riverwalker said...

To: Dean in AZ

I got this bag from RW, Jr. It was an extra one he had after he made an upgrade. Going to use it to replace one of my gear bags that has a bad strap.

I often find my deals at yard and garage sales...can usually find some great bargains.

Thanks Dean.


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