Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Riverwalker's Pics - Home-Made Fish Trap

Making traps has always been an excellent means for catching food in a survival situation. While traps don't guarantee that you will catch food, some traps work better than others in this regard. Being able to make a simple fish trap is one example. A good fish trap is a simple but effective means of catching food that leaves you with time to do other things...gather fire wood, build a shelter, etc. You also have an opportunity to catch more fish than you might be able to otherwise with a line and a hook. 

The design of any trap plays an important part in how effective your trap will be. The home-made fish trap pictured above is but one example of a very effective fish trap. This one has entrances on all four sides and a small bait cage in the middle. This increases the opportunity for the fish to enter your trap. It is made from simple hardware cloth and a few clips to hold it together. 

While simple in its design, it is very effective in its purpose. Simple designs that work effectively are always a good choice when making traps.

Got fish trap?



chinasyndrome said...

RW,good advice Bro! I too preach trapping over hunting.Both good but you have to be there to hunt, trapping allows for other things while gathering food.Cool trap!


Anonymous said...

Very nice sir, should help gain you protein while you are busy with other important matters. Thats a good thing.

I remember as a kid using a glass 'minnow' trap for fish bait, but have never used a cage type of trap.

riverwalker said...

To: chinasyndrome

Time is always valuable in a survival situation and if you can trap something while otherwise occupied...so much the better!

Thanks ChinaIII.


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:20

Hard to make a meal out of minnows...you're gonna need a bigger trap!

Thanks anon.


CoolChange©© said...

Very nice and very easy to make. That is the basic design of my rabbit cages. One question: How big wide is the space on the doors?

Great post as usual.

riverwalker said...

To: CoolChange

The gap or opening is about two inches wide...large enough for a good size fish to swim into the trap.

Locating a small bait cage inside in the middle makes it even more difficult for them to get out once they are inside.



Anonymous said...

I've made similar but smaller traps for crawdads.A hunk of bait wire tied in the middle,toss it in for a couple of hours,it's like a scene from "Deadliest Catch"!!
Dean in az

riverwalker said...

To: Dean in AZ

I've tied cans of cat food inside as an alternative to having a bait cage inside. Works pretty good.

Thanks Dean.


riverwalker said...

To: Dean in AZ

Forgot to mention that you have to punch a few holes in the can before you tie it inside the trap...or it's not going to work very well.lol


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