Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Importance of Water

The world is a dirty place. We breathe in and consume numerous things that leave a lot of toxins in our body. This is where water is important to our survival. Almost everything will dissolve in water and being a main component of our blood it dissolves most of these toxins which are then flushed from our bodies.

Water with its neutral Ph is the closest thing to a universal solvent that you will find. The importance of this fact cannot be overlooked if you plan to survive for longer than a few days. While many recommend a gallon of water per day per person as a proper storage amount, this can leave you in drastically short supply of this critical resource. Not only does water help to rid our bodies of internal toxins but it also helps to remove external contaminants from our bodies as well. It works to keep the exterior portion of our bodies clean from a wide variety of things. 

Water also serves another unique purpose. It also provides the perfect medium for preparing our food. It allows the preparation of a wide variety of foods that will help sustain our bodies.

The importance of water in our daily lives makes it a critical component for survival. Without sufficient amounts of water for drinking, hygiene purposes and for cooking our food, we won’t survive anything very long.

When considering the amount of proper water storage, don’t leave yourself in short supply of this critical resource. You should plan for at least three gallons of water per day for each family member as a minimum amount to store for your survival.

All life as we know it would cease to exist without the unique properties of water that contribute to our survival.

Got water?



vlad said...

re Knife Safety
Wednesday July 9 2008

Safely close a folder.
Hold the back of the blade.
Release lock.
Slowly move the handle to cover the blade.

riverwalker said...

To: vlad

Thanks for the safety tip!


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