Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stealth Landscaping - The Stealth Gate

Now you see it!

Now they don't!

There are many ways to incorporate landscaping into your efforts that will give you additional security. One of the simplest things you can do is to create a “stealth” gate with some creative landscaping. This can be used to create the element of surprise for any unwanted guests who may arrive on your doorstep.

When using a little “stealth” in your landscaping you will need to utilize the element of disguise along with a little distraction. This will help to enhance the element of surprise while creating a more secure situation for you. There’s nothing quite like a little surprise to throw someone off their game and add a little bewilderment to their thought processes.

To create a distraction sometimes it’s easiest to use a little direct subterfuge. In other words, you need to be a little sneaky! Most people don’t expect the unexpected, especially when something appears rather obvious and not the least bit unusual in any way. They will see what you allow them to see and in the manner you choose for them.

Now to create a little subterfuge, let them see what they expect to see. The less they have to think about; the greater your element of surprise will be. One of the front doors to my home is rather obvious. Located just a few feet away is a gate into my backyard which is “real” obvious and stands out like a sore thumb. This is also where someone will “expect’ me to appear. It also has a large and very obvious sign saying “Beware of Dog” to create an additional distraction to focus there attention in the wrong direction. Located some forty feet away (a fairly safe distance to be if someone’s intentions aren’t known) in the opposite direction is my “Stealth Gate”.

Imagine someone’s surprise when they approach your front door and suddenly you step out from behind the bushes forty feet away saying “Can I help you?” There have been quite a few salespersons, delivery guys and others completely caught off guard in this situation.

A little distance and a little surprise will give you the additional time to size up the situation without endangering your security. Opening your door directly to what may be unwanted guests won’t give you much time to react if it becomes a hostile situation. It’s always better to keep a little distance between yourself and what may be a threat to your survival. 

Got stealth gate?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Thinking about popping out of the bushes 40 feet away reminds me of William Randolph Hearst. He built a castle on a hill in the central coast of California a hundred or so years ago. He entertained celebrities and dignitaries of all sorts there over the years. Hearst designed the enormous parlor (waiting area for dinner) with secret doors so that he could pop in without fanfare, just suddenly appearing in the room.

vlad said...

re pocket ax gear test
update Oct 13 2010

Pull to cut with the sharpened hook on the Woodsman's Pal. Would a sharpened hook on the back of the blade of your pocket ax be useful?

Anonymous said...

Thats a good way to surprise visitors alright. That 'dog sign' distraction is a good idea too.

Vlad, I love the Woodsmans Pal, We don't have THAT many vines down here, but what we have tons of is thorny vegetation that is a bear to haul off. That vine hook is great for hooking a branch and pulling away. The 2nd advantage - the extra length means you don't have to stoop so low to grab and pull, allowing the small of your back to be more functional by the end of the day. A little expensive though - look around for the best deal. Adding that to the Tomahawk Pocket Ax described might be a good idea too.

HermitJim said...

Pretty good suggestions there, my friend!

I like the concept a lot!

vlad said...

How about this? Weld a sturdy sharp hook at 9 o'clock to the side of the grub hoe eye. Turn hoe cutting edge upward. Sharp hook is at 3 o'clock. Pull to cut with hook..

riverwalker said...

Thanks everyone for your generous comments. just another simple idea someone may find useful.

To: vlad

I may have to see if that pocket axe can be modified as you suggest.

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