Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simple Survival Tools - Weather Gauges

Weather Gauges

A set of weather gauges is perhaps one of the best survival tools you can have. Knowing the current status of weather conditions without having to rely on weather forecasts, which are quite often regional in nature, will help you be better prepared. Many times there can be a drastic change in the weather in areas that are only a few miles apart. 

Now you don't have to be a meteorologist in order to keep track of some fundamental weather conditions but you will need a few basic items to give you an accurate picture of the weather conditions in your immediate vicinity.

The first basic item you should have is a simple thermometer. This will help you keep track of temperature changes both inside and outside your home. Next a good barometer will help warn you if there is stormy weather on the way. A humidity gauge will also help you keep track of moisture levels. Knowing your humidity levels is important for maintaining your food storage items. A few simple weather gauges will also help you in your gardening efforts as well.   Weather has a huge effect on our homes, our gardens and our lifestyles.

Don't forget one of the best weather gauges that is an absolute essential item. This is a simple rain gauge that will help you monitor the amount of rainfall you receive.

It will also help you to keep... 

Staying above the water line!



CoolChange©© said...

I agree with your post, however you left out one gauge that I have found to be very accurate in the last 7 years or so. Your bones! Today we have a front very near and I feel it in my bones. uggh!

riverwalker said...

To: CoolChange

Got a few of those types of weather indicators



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