Saturday, January 29, 2011

Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tools

1 1 1. A sharp mind. Your best survival tool is your brain.

2. An even sharper blade. It’s also a good idea to have a back-up blade.

3. A signaling device for communication. This could be as simple as a mirror or whistle or as advanced as a cell phone. Remember that communication is both sight and sound.

4. A first aid kit - Even a very basic first aid kit will be essential and will prevent minor injuries from becoming major problems.

5. A container and a means of water purification and filtration - Water is critical for your survival and you will need a way to purify and filter your water.

6. A fire starting kit - This could include matches, a lighter, or a good firesteel.

7. An accurate map and compass - If you get lost, these items will be a real lifesaver.

8. A form of shelter - A tarp, tent, plastic sheeting, emergency blanket etc.

9. A good rope and cordage - A stout rope capable of handling large loads and cordage for handling light duty tasks.

10. A light source - A flashlight, a candle or a lantern of some type will enable you to conduct any necessary or required activities that may be hampered by darkness.

Staying above the water line!



idahobob said...

Number 1 on my list, is a right relationship with God.

If ya do not have yourself squared away with Jesus Christ, ya ain't gonna make it, period.


riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

No argument here.

I do consider that to be more of a way to live your life ...

Thanks bob.


Tim Ralston said...

When making plans for emergency or potential survival situations, it is important to pack tools in your bug out kits that could save your bacon. The problem is, many of us plan for a multitude of emergencies that may occur. We end up stuffing our packs to the breaking point with a payload that would buckle the knees of even the best pack mule. Lessons learned. The key to preparedness or even survival is to be armed with the right tools and the right knowledge.
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The heavy duty structure of the Crovel includes a shovel head that flaunts a razor edge connected to a solid crowbar. Not only does it hold an edge, it can take the place of an ax. The handle is a harden 18inch gooseneck crow bar with a 1 inch hammer head. This makes for a formidable entry, prying or fastening tool, not to mention a fear-inducing weapon against a determined foe.
This tool will not fail, even if you do.
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