Sunday, October 24, 2010

Riverwalker's Pics - Wild Chile Pequin

Chile Pequin

These small but very powerful chile peppers grow wild in numerous areas of South Central Texas. They make an excellent hot sauce that can be used to flavor and add a little spice to numerous food dishes.

Got peppers?



Brigid said...

I need to either have more coffee or put on my glasses when I read posts in the morning. I glanced at the title and read "Wild Chili Penquin".

My first thought was, maybe they can be found on an island at the southern tip of chili, but how do you catch the little buggers?"

One Fly said...

I like this type of pepper because you can determine the hotness (about 4-6 for me) each time and they grind up easy as well.

BTW-I got Rasta for word verification. Must be because they like the spices as well.

riverwalker said...

To: Brigid

Sorry! Don't have any wild Chilean penguins around here. I think the the wild peppers are too hot for

Thanks Brigid.


BTW, I will keep my eyes peeled just in case one of those wild penguins show up!

riverwalker said...

To: One Fly

The fact that you can control the level of hotness is a big plus for these small but extremely hot peppers.

A number of these in a small bottle of vinegar make a great hot sauce for your bowl of beans.

Thanks One Fly.


AZroaddust said...

Where can I find WILD Pequin plants in the Houston, TX area please?


Michael Greer said...

Fiesta has them in Houston. Use the seeds inside one to start your own plant.

Mr Jim said...

I was told by a fella that these are also referred to as "Bird Chillies' I asked why and he said that a bird would have to eat a chilie and process it before they would grow.

Hmmmm. Anything to that? I've tried planting these from my wild bushes that he gave me, but have had no success. If anyone can get them to grow without a bird eating them please let me know what you did. I thought about feeding some to our neighbor's parakeet, but haven't asked to do that yet.

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