Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Survival Traits - Adaptability

The ability to adapt is a critical tool for your survival. Many people can easily adjust to a wide variety of circumstances in order to deal with the different situations that can arise during their daily lives. Meanwhile, others will remain unyielding and go into extreme denial because they dislike change and prefer the familiarity of their established routine. By having confidence in your abilities during a crisis or an emergency, your ability to adapt to abrupt and life-changing events will help to make you a survivor.

Adaptability compromises a number of different traits that can help you to survive. The first thing you should remember is to be flexible. Quite often there are numerous ways to accomplish a given task if given enough thought. Your brain is your best survival tool; you just need to remember to use it when needed. Remember not to limit your options by thinking it can’t be done and think in terms of how it can be done. You will need to create goals and be ready to make any necessary changes to your situation in order to survive.

Avoid going into a state of denial that will not allow you to adapt properly to your circumstances. You are only fooling yourself if you refuse to accept that your situation has changed because of a crisis or an emergency. If you act like nothing has changed, it will be harder for you to accept that change and make the necessary adjustments to get your life back on track. Your life can change quicker than the weather and you will need to stay tuned to your environment. By realizing this, you will be ready to make the required changes in order to survive.

Our survival has depended largely upon our ability to adapt and it is this ability that has allowed us to succeed in our goals for making a better life for ourselves. The saying originated by Herbert Spencer back in 1864 “survival of the fittest” was actually meant to describe how well a species was suited to their environment. It is our ability to adapt to our environment that has allowed us to survive some of the most hazardous and extreme conditions known to man.

Got adaptability?

Staying above the water line!


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