Monday, August 2, 2010

Emergency Water Storage Containers - The Aquatank I

In an emergency situation, clean water will always be needed. Water is a critical element for everyone’s survival. This is a basic fact of life and is true no matter where you live. Unfortunately, a good supply of water may not always be available during a crisis and additional emergency water supplies may have to be stored in advance.

When deciding how to store your emergency water supplies, there are some great products that are now available. One of these is called the Aquatank I . The price range of these nifty emergency water storage containers runs from as little as $59.99 for the 30 gallon size to $99.99 for the 150 gallon size. For persons on a budget, these emergency water storage containers won’t break your piggy bank. These water storage containers are made from a food-grade material that will maintain the quality of your stored water. They are also designed to be impact and abrasion resistant. They store easily when not needed and don’t take up much room because they fold up easily into a very compact unit. This is important for those of you who don’t have a lot of storage space to dedicate to emergency water storage.

For heavier duty applications and the ease of convenience and portability there is also an Aquatank II model available to satisfy the need for a stronger and more durable emergency water storage container with an even greater storage capacity. Currently there is free shipping on both models. Pictures provided by Directive21.

Got emergency water storage containers?

Staying above the water storage line!



Anonymous said...

Now there is a good idea. I could use that for more then just emergencies. This will go on the list.

Anonymous said...

That is a good idea. Another possibility is the WATER BOB, a bladder holding approximately 100 gallons that lines a standard bathtub. Might want to check into that if you live in hurricane zone. Forget putting it back in original packaging after you remove it though, lol. A link to it is here.

Those water bladders shown would be great for supplying quail guzzlers. Thanks Riverwalker.

Ken said...

...i guess they fill a niche somewhere,but remember folks,at 8lbs a gallon once you fill it,it pretty much stays where it's at...just sumthin'to think about i guess,i'll stick to my 5 gal blivets and smaller...

tweell said...

That's cute! Given the weight, though, I'll stick with smaller containers. For potential bug-in situations, I have a kiddy pool and a tarp to cover it.

HermitJim said...

Not a bad idea, but like Ken said when it's full, it's gonna be hard to move.

Still, the cost is pretty good, that's for sure!

riverwalker said...

There are a lot of options for your emergency water storage needs. You just need to figure out what works best in your situation. I generally use several different types of storage that allows me greater flexibility and more options.

You can never have too much water storage. I use big containers, small containers, portable containers, etc. to give me the best possible combinations to afford an adequate water supply.

The important thing is to have additional water supplies because you will absolutely need water in a crisis or an emergency.


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