Saturday, August 21, 2010

Custom Mosin Nagant with Bipod

While looking for bargains at the big box store, there was a Shooter's Ridge Rock Mount Bipod reduced to half price ($20). At this price, it was too good to pass up and it quickly disappeared from the shelf to my shopping cart. My mind was made up quickly to grab this bargain to install on my custom Mosin-Nagant rifle. Although it is a cheaper version of a Harris type bipod, at that kind of price point there wasn't a whole lot to lose either way. It attached quickly to the sling swivel stud in a matter of moments and still allows a sling to be attached.

The above picture shows the bipod extended at its shortest position of 9 inches. It can be extended to a full thirteen inches by simply releasing the thumb screws and pulling the bipod legs out until they lock in place and re-tightening the thumb screws. They are released by loosening the bipod leg thumbscrews and pressing the release button and then re-tightening the thumbscrews to hold the bipod legs in position.

The above picture shows the bipod in the folded position. There is plenty of clearance between the feet of the bipod and the barrel when in the folded position. At only 12 ounces, it does not add significantly to the over-all weight of the rifle. Make sure you mount it with the bipod legs folded in the forward position to prevent damage to the stock of your rifle.

Got custom Mosin-Nagant with bipod?

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Mayberry said...

Sweet! I've been considering doing this to my 91/30, along with adding a scope. said...

The more I see about this gun - the more I think I need one. Will start looking around to see what kind of prices I find.

Thanks -

Anonymous said...

Which "big box store" did you find the great deal on the bipod? Didn't see 'em at Wally World. Academy had 'em on the shelves but they definitely weren't on sale.

Machinist said...

I think this makes much more sense here than it did on the .22 and this was a great price, cheap enough to try it and toss it if you don't like it.

riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

Got a good price for it that's for sure.



riverwalker said...

To: ModernSurvivalOnline

Hard to pass up a bargain. A scope set-up is probably going to be next.



riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 5:17

I got it at a Wally World in my area on a close-out price. They are carrying a different brand now(Remington, I think) and it's above the forty dollar price range.

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: Machinist

I decided against one on my Ruger 10/22...looked OK but not real functional.

On my Mosin-Nagant it makes a little more sense...when considering its range and my hands aren't as steady as they used to be. It also detaches quickly if I need to take it off.

Thanks Machinist.


scout said...

on the mosin nagant calaber is 7.62x54rm it is bigger in diamitter than the 3006 but the 3006 is longer some say it is the same well the they both have the same powder charge one it short and one is long .

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