Saturday, May 29, 2010

Riverwalker's Pics - Rio Grande River Gorge

Rio Grande River Gorge - Mountain View

The Rio Grande River is one of the twenty-five longest rivers in the world. It is also the fifth longest in North America. The Rio Grande River begins close to the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains and runs approximately 470+ miles through New Mexico and then continues into Texas where it forms the international border between Texas and Mexico for almost 1,250 miles and then empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The Rio Grande River is also between 1,800 and 1,900 miles in overall length. The river does change course from time to time and this affects its length at any given time.

Rio Grande Gorge - River View

This part of the Rio Grande River in New Mexico has had several different names over the years but the names were mainly used to describe this section of the headwaters of the Rio Grande River that runs through northern New Mexico. This is not a typical gorge that has been formed by the river itself but is actually a geological formation known as a rift valley. The rift valley came first and the river simply followed later. Rift valleys are formed when there is a separation in the earth’s crust which is usually caused by faulting. The gorge itself is approximately 650 feet deep in this section and very mild earthquakes still occur along the Rio Grande Rift.

Got rift valley?

Staying above the water line!



Brigid said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I'm afraid my summer vacation is going to be the usual, cleaning Dad's gutters, repairwork and painting.

riverwalker said...

To: Brigid

I waited way too long to take an extended vacation but when I got a chance to go to the mountains in New Mexico...way too hard to resist!

I'm back to the daily grind now...

Thanks Brigid!


Ken said...

...just a quick thanx Brother,i could get lost in yer pics...sure do appreciate ya for sharing...

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Glad you like them! Although they aren't professional quality pics, I'm pleased that someone has enjoyed them. The beauty in nature never ceases to be amazing.

Thanks Ken.


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