Friday, April 23, 2010

Rural Water Sources - Creeks and Ponds



One of the easiest ways to have additional supplies of water on hand is to have a natural water source that is readily available. Creeks and ponds make excellent sources for water. They can also contain fish that will supplement your food resources. Natural water sources also attract various forms of wildlife that can further enhance your food supplies.


Got creek?

Special thanks to my friend JT for the great pictures!

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Part of my dream retreat's features would include a small pond for the reasons you mention. My uncle's ranch has a stock pond that when full is about 2 acres or so. He stocked largemouth bass and red ear sunfish. A lot of good memories going there and catching a meal. Or a sunburn, but it was worth it.

Also another use for pond - fire fighting. A gas powered pump to help you in fire season, if your home or properties are threatened.

Thanks RW - you have a great weekend.

Josh said...

Those are my pictures, and I’d call that my retreat area. That turkey was walking in the front yard at my father’s house, on a farm in rural Iowa. The pond is at my grandparents’ place, 400 meters up the road to the north, and the creek runs right in between the two places. We have a good amount of timber ground along a major river about 800 meters to the east, and timber ground at a higher elevation, near a couple of small farm ponds, 400 meters to the west, directly behind the farm “base.” That would definitely be my go-to place. There would be enough LP in the tanks that fuel the grain dryer and enough diesel in the tanks that fill the machinery to last a good while too!

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:08

I've got a wet creek at my place but the closest pond is on my neighbor's land that adjoins my place in the country.

Thanks for the tip about using a pond as a source for fighting fires...missed that!


riverwalker said...

To: Josh

Sounds like a great place. Thanks for the additional info and the great pics!


Pond Filters said...

Really pond and creek are very useful till today in many urban villages. It is the main source of their people's water and food. Nice Information.!

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