Friday, March 12, 2010

Battling the Green Monster - Mowing Safety Tips

Lawn mower injuries result in a multitude of injuries that include everything from deep cuts or lacerations, loss of fingers and toes, puncture wounds, broken and dislocated bones, burns, and severe eye injuries. Many of these injuries can be quite serious in nature. Anyone using a mower or who is in the vicinity of a mower while it is in operation can be susceptible to injury.

Mowing Safety Tips

1.) Use mowers that have all safety features intact that will shut down the mower if there is a loss of control.

2.) Never disconnect safety features. They are designed to protect you even if they can be annoying at times.

3.) Always supervise younger children when they are using a mower. Make sure they are capable of handling the equipment and know how to safely operate it.

4.) Always wear sturdy shoes or boots when mowing. Never wear flip-flops, sandals, or tennis shoes (sneakers).

5.) Pick up any objects that could cause injuries if struck by your mowing equipment. Rocks, wire, stones and numerous other objects can become airborne projectiles that can lead to serious injuries.

6.) Always wear protective eyewear. Even plain old dirt in the eye can cause a serious bacterial infection. Eyes that are left unprotected are vulnerable to rocks and flying debris that could cause anything from a scratched cornea to a complete loss of your eyesight.

7.) Whenever mowing, make sure others in the area are located a safe distance away.

8.) Always start and refuel mowers outdoors and never indoors in a shed or garage.

9.) Always allow the engine to cool down before refueling your mower.

10.) Never ever work on or make adjustments to mowing equipment when it is running. Make sure it is shut off and remove the spark plug wire or disconnect the battery before attempting any type of repair.

Practice a little mowing safety and you will survive the battle with the “green monster”!

Staying above the grass line!



Ken said...

...#9,yep,remember case it didn't sink in,gotta always remember #9...

...i do now...

Ken said... addition(with #9)...shut the sumbich off too...

Chris W said...

I got rid of a JD with all the safety devices and switches. What a PITA. I now mow with a 4cyl International LoBoy. It is a bit scary with the 10 gallon tank over the engine lol.
Just my opinion, but I hate all those safety switches. I imagine that someone didnt pay attention and backed over god knows what, so now we have to push a button to go in reverese while mowing. There are bars and shields that cover the belt so we can't get a finger inside, which makes changing a belt a joy with 47 bolts.
Sooner or later, everything we own will have safety devices rather than teach common sense. Give it time and we'll see a mower with air bags.
I *STILL* want to know who the rocket scientist was at JD who decided to put a cupholder on the discharge side of the tractor. Nothing like a cup of hot coffee covered in grass,haha.

idahobob said...

I REALLY do not want to even consider the starting of mowing season.....once you get started, ya gotta mow the damned stuff until snow flies next winter.

Our weather out here in Idaho has been weird, to say the least. Spring has been trying it's darnedest to spring into our lives, albeit a couple of months early. I have been eyeballing the grass turning green, and, the damned stuff is growing!

Soooo, it looks like that tomorrow, I will start the lovely chore of cutting it.



riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Mrs. RW did that once out at the farm with a self-propelled mower while she was clearing an area that we couldn't get with the tractor...durn near set the woods on fire. Had to throw sand from the creek on it. Didn't look like a mower afterwards...LOL

She had it shut off but didn't wait for the engine to cool down.

Yep! #9 will get you if you aren't careful!

Thanks Ken!


riverwalker said...

To: Chris W

The safety features can be annoying until you roll a mower down the side of a hill...just got to move real quick even then!

Thanks Chris!


riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

Don't forget the weeds! They grow even faster than the grass.

Just have to remember that old saying: "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but it still has to be mowed (or baled in some cases)."

Thanks bob!


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